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Are Golfers in Tights Coming to a Tour Stop Near You?

February 16, 2016

CULVER CITY, Calif. — Pros in shorts might not be coming to the PGA Tour anytime soon, but what about pros in shorts and tights?

The eyebrow-raising look was on display at Nike’s new golf apparel unveiling on Monday evening — a course-ready ensemble featuring Nike Hyperwarm tights under shorts, as modeled above by Nike staff player Scott Pinckney.

While the Tour has not approved the combo for tournament play, Nike pros were adamant in their belief that the style is not only tournament-appropriate but also packed with performance benefits.

“I love how they’re raising the athletic bar in the sport of golf,” Pinckney said. “I think everyone in the [NBA] All-Star game wore tights, besides maybe two or three different players. And there’s a reason why they wear them. I love the look, but I mostly love the feel when I’m playing in them. And I feel refreshed when I’m done.”

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Tony Finau, another Nike pro, is also a believer in the tights.

“I’ve already practiced in them, and I feel amazing, not only during, but after [play],” Finau said. “There’s just something about having [that compression] on a part of your body that you’re using that helps you recover and gives you energy. People will be surprised. Even if they don’t like the look, they’re going to feel great wearing them. I can see myself wearing them [in tournaments].”

A third Nike pro, Brooks Koepka, says he already wears the tights under pants and when he works out and that he likes the snug feel.

“It doesn’t bother me,” he says. “After walking 18 holes in a tournament, your legs don’t feel sore. I’m all for it.”

Your move, Rickie.