What does Rose Zhang think of her 11 Solheim teammates? She had a word on them all

The most nervous she’s been on a golf course? Augusta National’s first tee. 

Her preferred nickname for her fans? Depends what group you’re in. 

One word on each of her 11 Solheim Cup teammates? 

Rose Zhang had one for all of them. As to what she would call herself?

Linn Grant
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It fits. She’s been nothing but overly chill these past few years, even as the trophies have started to pile up. The two NCAA Division I individual crowns. The dozen victories at Stanford, a total that that Tiger guy didn’t even achieve. The championships at the U.S. Women’s Am and U.S. Junior. The crown in April at the Augusta National Women’s Amateur. She turned pro. Then, in her first pro event, she won again. She’s on the Solheim Cup team, which plays Team Europe this week in Spain.

Ahead of it, Zhang entered into the first Grill Room with GOLF’s Claire Rogers

Where Zhang was still chill. 

Have a look at the video above. Or read on for the exchange, which was started by Rogers. 

“Hi, Rose.” 


“We just have some questions for you.” 

“Oh boy.” 

“What was the last thing you bought online?” 

“DoorDashed. Japanese food.” 

cristie kerr waves
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“Was it good?”

“It was.” 

“If you had to be paired with the same pro in events for the rest of your career, who would you pick?”

“Oh no. Probably Ronnie [Ruoning] Yin.” 

“Favorite TV show?”

“TV show. I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z.” 

“Most nervous you’ve been on the golf course?”

“Nervous. First tee, Augusta National.” 

“What song are you listening to on repeat?” 

Appreciated by Rixton.” 

“Favorite movie?”

“Favorite movie. First Slam Dunk.” 

“So you have some fan bases. We’ve been hearing Zhang Gang, Rose Buds. Can you settle it once and for all?”

stacy lewis hits from the bunker
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“Zhang Gang for the inner-circle squad. Rose Buds for everyone who’s supporting me outside.” 

“Are we in your inner circle?”


“Good. Favorite part of your game to practice?”


“What part of the Solheim Cup are you most excited for?”

“Behind-the-scenes team room.” 

“All-time golfer you think would be your best partner in alternate shot?”  

“Alternate shot. Kind of want Linn Grant to be my alternate partner shot.” 

“Are you going to trash-talk at the Solheim Cup?”

“Teeny bit.” 

“I’m going to list all your teammates for the Solheim and you’re going to describe them in one word. Allisen [Corpuz].” 


rose zhang and george pinnell
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Ally [Ewing].” 


Danielle [Kang].”


Megan [Khang].” 


Nelly [Korda].” 


Cheyenne [Knight].” 


Jennifer [Kupcho].” 


Andrea [Lee].


Rose Zhang
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Lexi [Thompson].” 


Lilia [Vu].” 


Angel [Yin].”

“Funny. Chaotic.” 



“Funniest fan interaction?”

“I signed a banana at KPMG for this teenage boy.” 

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