Tony Romo puts in a ridiculous amount of time working on his golf game

Tony Romo is one of the few professional athletes who has proven they can play at the top level in more than one sport. A four-time Pro Bowler with the Dallas Cowboys, Romo has since dabbled in pro golf. He’s played in the Tour’s Qualifying Tournament and has missed four cuts in his four starts on the PGA Tour.

But his best appearance came at the 2019 Safeway Open, where he shot a two-under 70 in the first round but stumbled with a 78 in the second round. He again missed the cut, but it was enough to show the world he’s got plenty of game. And it’s no accident; turns out he puts in lots of hours.

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By: Jonathan Wall and Andrew Tursky

Appearing on this week’s Subpar Podcast with Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz, Romo was asked about how much he practices his golf game.

“I would argue you practice golf more than any human that I know, Tour guys included,” Stoltz said.

Romo’s answer was simple. He’s going to go 100 percent at anything “if I genuinely want to improve.” He elaborated, saying, “I would say, starting off the year if it’s not in the football season, which changes obviously when I have to travel and for games, ya know, but I’ll be out there for a good six to eight hours, once in a while.”

Eight-hour practice days? That’s no joke. Romo said it’s also due to the way he grew up. He was always playing sports then — basketball, soccer, football, etc. — and never slowed down.

“I just liked competition,” Romo said. “At its core, as a kid I wanted to grow up and play sports, in some fashion.”

You can watch Romo’s entire Subpar episode below.

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