Max Homa explains why he embraced social media

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Max Homa has quickly become a fan favorite, thanks in large part to his avid social media activity.

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Even before he became a three-time PGA Tour winner and one of the Tour’s best-known personalities, 31-year-old Max Homa had acquired a sizable following on social media based on another thing he does very well: roasting golf swings.

It all started back in 2019, when a Twitter user sent Homa his swing and asked him to essentially show no mercy in his analysis. Homa obliged, and his witty responses to the countless swings that subsequently came his way made him an immediate fan favorite.

Homa’s playing profile has also risen in the years since, as he added two additional high-profile wins to his resume. He’s now ranked No. 37 in the world, and wields serious starpower. On this week’s episode of Off Course with Claude Harmon, Homa explained why he and social media are such a good fit.

“If you’re a quiet person, be quiet. If you’re a fast player, be fast. If you’re slow, I would rather you play a little bit faster, but do your thing,” Homa said. “With social media, in my opinion, [Dustin Johnson] isn’t about that, so he doesn’t do social media. I have never disliked it, and I’ve enjoyed the banter with people back and forth, so I do it. But it feels genuine to me, and I think that’s kind of the goal of life, is just to be you and do what you want to do.”

Homa said he’s often told by others on Twitter to stop tweeting and practice.

“I’m not doing this instead of practicing,” Homa said. “It’s something I’m doing while I’m sitting on my couch.”

Max Homa and caddie
Max Homa explains why it’s so important to win early in your career
By: Jessica Marksbury

Homa emphasized that his experience on the platform has been largely positive.

“I’ve enjoyed the interactions with people, I’ve enjoyed having way too big of a fanbase for the level of golf I have played, just because people felt a connection to me,” he said. “I like that stuff. But I never did it for that. I did it because I’d think of dumb stuff while I was eating breakfast, tweet it, [and] a bunch of people would connect with it.”

Homa said the swing roasting was especially fun because he knows golf is hard, and every swing is unique.

“It was organic, and people enjoyed it,” he said. “And I enjoyed playing along with it, because I liked seeing how many people are playing golf.”

For more from Homa, including why he thinks it’s so important to win early in your career, and his takeaways from each of his three wins, check out the full interview below. Editor

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