‘It is something special’: Jon Rahm on the unique 1st-tee experience of the Masters

Playing in the Masters is something every golfer with professional aspirations dreams of when they’re growing up. Imagining the starter yelling “Fore please! Driving now …” sends goosebumps down most golfer’s spines. It’s a special tournament hosted at a special venue, and those fortunate enough to tee it up at golf’s most famous course know how lucky they are.

In addition to inducing goosebumps, the first tee shot at Augusta National is a unique one. There’s no place in golf quite like it.

Jon Rahm putting
Jon Rahm explains how to putt at Augusta National
By: Jessica Marksbury

“It is something special,” Jon Rahm said in this week’s edition of GOLF’s Subpar. “You have all the patrons on the tee box literally right there. It is always packed and the way they introduce you is just so unique.”

But although it is a special tee shot, Rahm said the nerves on the tee are no different than those at any other PGA Tour event. Although there are some nerves present as you try to find the short grass and get your round off to the best start possible.

“If you’re a little nervous, it could be because it’s one of the hardest tee shots on the golf course,” Rahm said. “It’s an important tee shot more than a lot of other opening tee shots.”

Check out the entire episode of Subpar below as Rahm discusses an over-blown Augusta narrative, how to putt at the Masters and more.

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