Harry Higgs says this is what fuels Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau is not one for nuance. The reigning U.S. Open champion has earned his way into the golf world’s inner-sanctum by virtue of boisterous, unrelenting competitive fire. Now entering 2021, he stands to test the bounds of his own commitment even further — toying with a 48-inch driver and ball speeds previously unheard of away from long-drive competitions.

That DeChambeau is willing to travel to extreme lengths to test a potential advantage is not a surprise. But his relentlessness — criticism and controversy be damned — is what makes him different. At least according to Harry Higgs, Bryson’s college teammate at SMU.

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Higgs joined GOLF’s Subpar podcast to discuss, among other things, his college buddy’s professional (and physical) development.

“Bryson’s putting on weight,” Higgs said. “I’m surprised nobody’s pointed out that if I were to work out harder and watch what I eat a little bit more, I could be him. I’m basically Bryson without all the muscles.”

In reality, Higgs understands the gap Bryson has built between himself and a large subsection of the PGA Tour. A gap Higgs says is owed to his college teammate’s stubborn self-belief.

“He’s so good anyway, he’s so super talented,” Higgs said. “He believes so much in what he’s doing and he just loves to prove people wrong.”

Hell hath no fury like a DeChambeau scorned, or so the saying goes.

“Everyone doubts the single-length, the putting on weight and hitting it nine miles, he’s just going to prove people wrong,” Higgs said. “It fuels him when people doubt his theories on the game.”

In Higgs’ estimation, Bryson’s greatest weapon is his ability to block out the world in pursuit of his goal.

“The more you doubt him, the better he’s going to be,” Higgs said. “He puts in the work to make it work. That’s why he’s so good, because no matter what, whatever he’s doing and trying, he believes so much in it, and he is so talented, that he’s going to make it work.”

To watch the rest of Higgs’ Subpar interview, including the story of his first interaction with Tiger Woods, check out the video below.