3 golfy things to watch on YouTube at home this weekend

The 2000 PGA Championship is a must watch.


Stay-at-home orders are expiring in various portions of the country, but there are many who are still staying home. If you’re tired of working on your swing and fitness, veg out for a bit and dive into the treasure chest that is golf YouTube videos. Here are three things to watch this weekend.

2000 PGA Championship Final Round

As the calendar turns to May, now is as appropriate a time as ever to look back at the scrappy underdog Bob May. Although May never won on the PGA Tour, he is still a name golf fans are familiar with because of his historic duel with Tiger Woods at the 2000 PGA Championship. He may have come up short, but taking Tiger the distance during the peak of his dominance is no small feat. And as an added bonus, check out this feature written by our very own Josh Sens for some complimentary content.

2006 U.S. Open Film

With the summer quickly approaching, what better time to look back at some of the best the U.S. Open has had to offer. The 2006 U.S. Open at Winged Foot is best known for brutal conditions and Phil Mickelson’s epic collapse, but there is tons to unpack beyond that fateful hole. Plus, you can familiarize yourself with Winged Foot before the national championship heads there this fall.

7 minutes of Phil being Phil

Speaking of Phil Mickelson, check out this compilation of some of his wildest antics. It might be a short watch, but Lefty is never short on entertainment. In fact, seven minutes seems a little short to pack in all of his wacky moments from over the years. This is a good place to start, though.


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