Looking for a new job? Augusta National (!) is now hiring

Augusta National clubhouse.

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Work is a four-letter word.

It is an unassailable truth of the universe, the sort of axiom that garners more legitimacy with the passage of time.

There are, however, four letters powerful enough to throw out any preconceived notion of gloom you currently hold about work: A-N-G-C.

Of course, those four letters signify the golf world’s most recognizable destination — a golf course founded upon a peach farm by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts in the early 20th century. They signify the reason many of us go to work in the first place: for the financial freedom to afford Masters badges.

Now, those four letters also signify the golf world’s newest prospective employer.

Job-seekers, listen up: Augusta National Golf Club is now hiring. (No, we aren’t kidding.)

The famed Masters host (and No. 6 course in GOLF’s latest ranking of the top 100 tracks in the United States) has posted a pair of job openings to the public, the first full-time offerings we’ve seen from the club. The postings, for “security manager” and “horticulturist,” require expansive related experience and each feature detailed outlines of job expectations, requirements and benefits (could Augusta National be the only course on earth with its own team of horticulturists?).

The opportunities are narrow, but that’s assuredly a small price to pay to find yourself among the few hundred inside golf’s most reclusive inner-sanctum.

“Augusta National Golf Club is consistently recognized as one of the finest clubs in the world,” the club’s “about us” section reads. “Home of the Masters Tournament, the club facilities include a championship golf course, a par three course, multiple dining rooms, an extensive wine cellar and overnight accommodations for members and their guests.”

The postings are, naturally, listed on LinkedIn, where golf diehards have flocked to the comments section to offer their petitions for employment.

“Oh boy, I think the commute would be too far for me, but a dream come true,” Steve Withers said.

Meanwhile, a man named Douglas Howard asked the question sure to be on the minds of many applicants.

“Are free rounds included as a perk???” Howard asked. (The club has not yet responded to his comment.)

While the job’s golf-related luxuries remain a mystery, the off-course benefits aren’t too shabby. Applicants can expect paid holidays and time off, a 401(k) and pension plan, as well as full insurance coverage. Most importantly, though, is the commute. Whoever is lucky enough to get hired can expect a daily stroll down the most coveted stretch of pavement in golf: Magnolia Lane.

Qualified applicants can check out Augusta National’s postings here and here, and can apply directly through the club’s job portal.

So, what are you waiting for? Start drafting that cover letter!

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