Here are 7 of the most tricked-out, expensive golf carts money can buy

In the beginning, golf was played by humble shepherds, hoofing it with clubs and bags across an untamed landscape. But you can’t stop progress. Now we’ve got golf carts to ferry us around. And not just plain old buggies, but tricked out, souped up vehicles. Here are seven of the biggest, baddest and most expensive you can find.

GARIA – Desert Collection

Garia bills this roofless ride as the “ideal luxury vehicle for golf, leisure and gated communities,” and we’re not going to argue. With its sporty handling, snazzy leather interior, and spiffy azure color, it would suit us nicely when we finally get to retire in Palm Springs. $31,310,


Named for a borough but inspired by a Bentley, the Brooklyn can be built out with all kinds of optional features, including a pearl paint job, a chrome tilt steering wheel and a dashboard CD player. The standard model has room for four, but for an extra $1,000, you can make it a six-seater—with hand-stitched leather seats. $17,000,


Anyone who claims that golf is a ‘game’ and not a ‘sport’ hasn’t made the rounds in a sporty ride like this one, which can ramp up to 24 miles-per-hour but often looks like it’s moving even faster. It comes in a range of colors, but why would you go with anything but red? $23,800,


You’ve played with a caddie. But what about a Caddy? With a maximum velocity of 19 miles-per-hour, it’s not the fastest golf cart on the market. But Escalades aren’t really meant for racing. They’re meant to help you glide around in style. $13,500,

HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER – Soloar-powered cart

This cart’s a gas. By which we mean it’s got an array of rooftop solar panels that give it 33 percent more range than standard electric carts. With that extra solar boost, it can go 49 miles, or roughly 10 rounds, before it needs to be recharged. $9,000,

ROYAL LIMO – Rolls Royce Phantom

There are two occasions for which you absolutely, positively need a Rolls Royce limo. The first is high school prom. The second is anytime you hit the links. With leather seats, a stylish grill and seating for six. $25,449,

GARIA – Coolest Golf Car Ever

Note the nomenclature. They call it a “car” because this ain’t no flimsy cart. A street-legal ride, it sports 14-inch aluminum rims, hand-stitched leather seats and ear-splitting speakers on the roof. It also tops out at speeds of 25 miles per hour. Throw in a built-in refrigerator, and you could call it something of a mobile kitchen, too. $73,000,

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