11 affordable Masters things to have someone buy you this year at Augusta National

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Don't have Masters tickets but know someone who does? Then check out this list of goodies and ask them to buy you something from it.

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Are you ready for the Masters? Better yet, are you *going* to the Masters? If you have questions, our experts have answers. Here, in Masters 101, we’ll tell you what to bring, what not to bring, how to dress, what to buy and more.

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If you are going to the Masters, there’s plenty to do, see, eat, drink and, of course, buy. After all, you’ve probably heard of all the wondrous things inside the Masters Golf Shop — the polos and the hats (so many hats), the ball markers and the tumblers, the coffee mugs and the chairs. And so on.

To properly prep you for your trip to the Masters and Augusta National, we’re here to offer some quick guidance on things you want to put on your radar. No, we won’t be recommending the lavish watches — although they sure do look nice — but instead the more affordable items you can stock up on.

As for all of those people who can’t go? Let’s be considerate and think of them, too. It’s worth noting all of these things make easy and great gifts, so if you have someone you need to buy for — without having to worry about buying the correct size — consider these items. Or, if you have a family member, friend or co-worker heading to the Masters, scroll through this list and ask them to buy one (or four) of these things for you. You’ll pay them back, right? These are small and easy to transport too, so your requests won’t be much of a hassle for them. A win-win. To the list…

11 affordable things to have someone buy you from the Masters

Masters tumbler

Coffee! Water! Adult beverages! These come in several sizes and different designs. Stylish and practical. We approve.

a masters tumbler

Masters divot tool set

Perhaps my favorite gifting item you can buy at the Masters, this comes with the divot tool plus three Masters-centric ball markers. It’s affordable — less than $20, if I remember right — and compact so it won’t take up a lot of space lugging around or bringing back home. It’s a gift any golfer can get a ton of use out of.

a masters divot tool

Masters golf towel

“Have you been to the Masters?” your observant and inquisitive playing partner you were just recently matched up with asks, seeing the green-and-white towel dangling from your bag. Boom. You are instantly best friends. Or, if you are afraid to get this keepsake dirty, you can display it somewhere so it stays pristine year-round. Our advice? With this price (under $20), buy two.

a masters golf towel

Masters cocktail glasses

These logoed glasses come in a set of two ($40), and while it’s not completely ideal to carry around something that could be breakable, they are packed well and it shouldn’t be much of a problem — just as long as you don’t plan to roll your purchased merchandise down Amen Corner. Back at home, they work great for a nice whisky.

drinkware from the masters

Masters hat

There’s only a trillion to choose from. Although, if buying for someone else, just make sure you get a vague idea of what they want — style, color, etc. — since you won’t have a phone to snap a picture to check with them once there.

a masters hat

Masters coffee mug

What’s better than coffee in the morning? Coffee in a Masters mug. They have the standard green and yellow colors, but also some more creative designs (like below) to pick from.

a masters coffee mug

Masters logoed golf balls

Pro V1s complete with a Masters logo? They won’t help you make more birdies, but they will look nice on display. These come in a sleeve or a dozen.

logoed masters golf balls

Masters coasters

There are usually a couple of different Masters-logoed coasters you can buy that come in packs. One option is expensive. The other a steal. Go with the latter.

masters coasters

Masters can coolers

They come in sets of two and, honestly, they are so cheap ($10), who cares if you actually never end up using them.

masters coozies

Masters key chain

These are cheap and right by the checkout, making them almost impossible to pass up. Some golf sickos even have one for their car keys and another for their shed key (yes, that’s me).

a masters key chain

Masters flag

Perfect for your office, garage or bedroom. Easy to roll up and transport home, too.

Masters flag
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