Masters 101: Going to the Masters? Do NOT bring these 10 things

Patrons walk at the 2023 Masters

Congrats on your Masters tickets, but make sure to keep your phone in the car. Here are 10 things you shouldn't (or can't) bring to Augusta.

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Are you ready for the Masters? Better yet, are you *going* to the Masters? If you have questions, our experts have answers. Here, in Masters 101, we’ll tell you what to bring, what not to bring, how to dress, what to buy and more.

Congrats! You snagged Masters tickets. Now quick check your pockets and make sure you left your phone in the car. At the Masters, you don’t dare bring that mobile device into Augusta National Golf Club, unless you want a reason to get booted from one of golf’s most exclusive properties.

But phones are just one of the things you can’t bring to the course. To educate you for our Masters 101 series, here are 10 things you absolutely should not — or cannot — bring to the Masters.

10 things you shouldn’t bring to the Masters


Don’t. Even. Think. About it. Plus, you might find it surprisingly refreshing — and peaceful — to go a day without having to stare at your phone or hear it buzzing and beeping. And if for some reason you really have to get a hold of someone, you can always use one of those old-timey phones they have out on the course.

Bad shoes/Golf shoes with metal spikes

Technically you can bring bad shoes, but this is a golf course, not the Kentucky Derby. We’re preaching functionality here, people. Plus, Augusta National is hilly and a little rain can make certain spots slippery. You want something that’s comfortable and will give you traction. Yes, you can wear actual golf shoes, and many patrons even wear their hybrid kicks that look casual but will give you the grip you need. But metal spikes? Sorry, can’t bring ’em.


Haven’t you heard? The food’s crazy cheap here. Sandwiches and sweet treats and chips and all that good stuff all for under $5. So much left over that you can go crazy in the Masters Golf Shop.

Cameras on tournament days

Cameras during practice rounds on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday? Bring ’em! It’s one of the best parts of getting a practice-round ticket. But cameras on tournament rounds from Thursday to Sunday? Not allowed.


Sir, this isn’t a campground. Plus, the beers here are $5 — about 1/3 of the price you’d find at the Super Bowl.

green chairs at the masters
You can bring a chair, but just make sure it’s the right kind of chair. Getty Images

Chairs with armrests

You can bring a chair — only one per person! — but just make sure it is collapsible and doesn’t have armrests. You can also buy one on-site. These chairs, by the way, are one of the Masters’ greatest unwritten traditions.


That’s great if you want to tell Tiger that he’s your favorite golfer. Just don’t write it on a sign. A simple clap will have to do.


Trust us, you wouldn’t want to push this back up Amen Corner anyway.


It sure would be nice to listen to the action while you watch it up close, right? Too bad. Keep that handheld radio at home.

Large bags

Sure, you can bring a bag, backpack or purse, but it can’t be larger than 10 inches wide, 10 inches tall and 12 inches deep. (Most standard backpacks should be fine.)

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