Johnny Manziel explains the most common misconception about him

Johnny Manziel explained what people get wrong about him.

For better or worse, Johnny Manziel has quite the reputation in the sports world. Whether you remember him for his freakish abilities he showcased during his college days or the fall from grace he experienced once he got to the NFL, Johnny Football is still a household name.

With his famous life (or infamous life, depending on your view of the former quarterback) came a certain public perception of Manziel, some of it earned, some of it not. But now that he’s been out of the public eye for the last several years, Manziel has had an opportunity to reflect on these realities and how they shaped his life.

On the most recent episode of GOLF’s Subpar, Manziel told all on his roller coaster life. And when Drew Stoltz asked the most common misconception people have about him, Manziel stayed true to form in his candid response.

“I’ve got a good heart, I’m a good dude,” Manziel said. “I’m ride or die. If you’re in my circle that I keep, for the most part, kind of small, I treat my boys the right way. I treat people the right way for the most part.”

Manziel has stayed out of the public eye for the most part since his departure from the NFL in 2016. He’s had short-lived stints in the CFL and AFL, but now lots of his time is spent on the course — and he’s gotten to be quite the stick. Earlier in the episode he shared that he’s down to around a 2 handicap as he’s used golf as an escape as he transitions into his next phase in life.

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The 27-year-old also brought a certain self-awareness to the interview that might be surprising to the Johnny Football haters of the world.

“I’m human as anybody else and have my flaws where I’m going to have a bad day and something is going to go wrong,” Manziel said. “I look back on it the next day and reflect and try to be better from it going forward. I think deep down I truly am a good person.”

Although the former Heisman Trophy winner received plenty of flack in the public eye for how his once-promising career flamed out, he does not seem to have any regrets about his life.

You can watch the entire Subpar episode with Manziel below.

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