The most popular Masters merchandise item might surprise you

The 2023 Masters Patron Gnome.


Masters merchandise can sell for insane markups on the secondary markup, given how difficult getting on the grounds of Augusta National can be in the first place.

But nothing is more bizarre than the “Masters Patron Gnome.

The gnomes retail for $49.50 but are strictly limited to one per customer, the only item in the Masters Golf Shop with a purchase limit. Do a quick search on eBay and these little guys can command upward of $300 or $400.

Each year offers a new design and perhaps the most unique was the Santa gnome from the 2020 November Masters. The outfits range from a classic white and green Masters polo to one clad in badges from past Masters to the mini gnome which comes decked out in white caddie coveralls. You can have as many of the little versions as you want for $29.50 apiece.

garden gnome masters
You’ll never guess what the Masters’ most sought-after merchandise item is
By: James Colgan

Augusta offered fans a preview of the little fellow for this year’s tournament when it shared a picture of the 2023 edition positioned on Magnolia lane. This year’s gnome is dressed in a white Masters cap, a blue masters polo covered in small designs of Masters staples like the scoreboard and clubhouse, navy shorts, a 2023 Masters badge and as always what appears to be Masters green and white golf shoes.

As with the last two years, the gnome has a lawn chair slung over his shoulder, presumably to go catch some of the action out on the golf course in style. After the 2022 version was empty handed however, this year’s gnome seems to be enjoying some sort of Masters beverage. We say enjoying because it looks like the gnome has already had a few drinks and has stacked together some cups.

If you want one of these little 13.5″ companions, you better hustle on over to the Golf Shop as soon as you set foot on the grounds. According to a cashier, in 2022 the gnomes sold out in 10 minutes on Monday of Masters week. Both the full sized and miniature gnome sell out so quickly that my collegues worry if they’ll even be able to secure a mini one for me. Maybe they just want them for themselves, though.

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