A highly subjective ranking of the best sandwiches at the Masters

Masters sandwiches

At the Masters, a few dollars go a long way.

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The sandwiches on the Masters concession menu are famously easy on the wallet.

But how pleasing are they to the palate? Over the years, GOLF.com staffers have consumed many times their collective body weight of every item offered during tournament week.

By way of an unscientific office pool, here is an indisputable ranking of the options, from least-best to best.

9. Grilled Chicken Wrap

Almost everywhere it’s found, the chicken wrap has a reputation for being a bland and starchy vehicle for whatever condiments you slather on it. Augusta’s version deserves that rap.

8. Ham & Cheese on Rye

My grandma went to the Masters, and all she got was a so-so sandwich that she could have picked up at her corner deli.

7. Turkey & Cheese on Wheat

The sort of sandwich you order when your favorites are sold out.

pimento cheese sandwich
Surprising changes come to Masters food menu in 2022
By: James Colgan

6. Masters Club

At a club known for making its own rules, this item breaks from club-sandwich conventions. It’s not a toasted triple-decker, split into quarters and secured by toothpicks, but a standard-looking assemblage of sliced ham, turkey and cheese on a hamburger-style bun. Neither bad nor good, it tastes exactly as we’ve made it sound.

5. Bar-B-Que

Now we’re finally getting somewhere. A pulled pork sandwich, steeped in tangy sauce and reflective of the flavors of the region. If it’s not the finest bbq you’ve ever tasted, at least it has a sense of place.

4. Pimento Cheese

Is this nectar of the gods, or glorified window caulking? Pimento cheese is a polarizing sandwich. But by virtue of its cultural significance alone, we’ve bumped it up a few spots in our ranking.

4. Egg Salad

Like a tee shot on a long par-5, it’s best with a lot of mustard.

3. Chicken Salad on Brioche

Rookies don’t tend to fare well at the Masters. But when it debuted at the tournament in 2021, this simple, satisfying item shot straight up the leader … er … sandwich board.

2. Classic Chicken Sandwich

A fried chicken cutlet sandwich is like a round of golf: even on a bad day it’s still darned good.

1. Peach Ice Cream Sandwich

The sweet, alluring essence of a ripe Georgia peach, squeezed between two sugar cookies. That’s right. The best sandwich at the Masters is a dessert. And you know what’s ironic? This delicacy won’t even be available in 2022, according to our James Colgan. No worries, we already have a reason to look forward to next year’s Masters.

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