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Want a free, fast swing? Fix smother hooks and blocks in 30 seconds

October 23, 2017

Need to find the fairway fast? Top 100 teacher Don Sargent of Scioto, C.C. in Columbus, Ohio, shows you how to nix smother hooks and blocks in 30 seconds. Ready? Go!

10 seconds

To have any chance of creating a free and fast swing with your driver, your head must stay behind the ball at impact. At setup, stare at the back of the ball with your left eye. You’re going to hold this gaze until the ball disappears out of view following contact.

20 seconds

Press the back of your right hand against your left cheek and lean into mock impact (see photo below). Use it as a tactile reminder to keep your head steady so you can maintain your focus on the ball.

30 seconds

Go back to address. Take a deep breath and relax. Now think about swinging your arms under, around and then past your head. Even as you swing, recall the feeling of the back of your right hand pressing against your left cheek, and keep your head back and steady. Do it right and you’ll absolutely crush it.