Use this training aid to add swing speed and hit longer drives

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This training aid will help you hit more bombs.

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Making a full turn on the backswing is one of the earliest swing tips golfers get, and it’s advice that’s relevant to all levels of golfers — from newbies to the PGA Tour’s best. Yet until recently, there hasn’t been a great way to work on it.

Enter GOLF Top 100 Teacher George Gankas and his new training aid, the GBox ($100; The way it works is simple yet effective. You wear the GBox training aid like a belt: You strap it around your stomach, with the boxes on either side of your torso. For a right-handed golfer, on the backswing you want the left box to point at the ball; on the follow through, the other box.

Turn back, turn through and finally you’ll have a powerful pivot for longer drives.


The GBox will teach you to make a more complete turn and hit longer drives.
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