Swing Tips: How to Swap Full Wedge Swings for Easy-to-Control Knockdowns

September 19, 2016

From 100 to 120 yards out, it’s tempting to grab a gap or pitching wedge and take a full swing. After all, the extra clubhead speed will give you the backspin you need to hold the green, right?

Unfortunately, the faster you swing a wedge the more likely you are to leave the face open, resulting in short misses to the right. There’s a better, easier way.

Keep your wedges in the bag, pull your trusty 9-iron and make the following adjustments. It’s hard to forget them— they each require a two-inch movement.

2 Choke down on the handle two inches. This effectively shortens the shaft. A shorter club is a stiffer club, which makes it much more accurate.

2 Play the ball two inches back of center. This helps you “trap” the ball at impact—it’s the feeling that you’re pinching the ball between the clubface and the turf. This leads to extra spin but with a lower, Tour-like shot trajectory.

2 Pull your left foot two inches back from the target line, which limits your backswing hip turn (making it more of an “arms” motion). Make a three-quarter-length swing…and then go fix your ball mark.