Try this fun drill to improve all of your putting fundamentals

If you're looking to improve on all of your putting fundamentals, try this simple drill from GOLF Top 100 Teacher John Dunigan.

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Far too often, recreational golfers have no plan when they head to the course to practice. Most of what they practice is just mindless swiping at the ball with some putting and chipping to finish it off. They have no purpose in their practice and, as a result, they don’t get much out of the session.

Some of the best practice comes from emulating on-course scenarios and going through your entire process. It will train you to become comfortable with these situations and make executing on the course easier.

Getting a rock-solid putting routine is a great way to lower your scores, so you should be practicing with that routine in mind. A great way to get that nailed down is with this putting drill from GOLF Top 100 Teacher John Dunigan.

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This is called the “Subtraction Putting” drill, and for it you’ll need eight white golf balls and one of a different color. Take the eight white balls and form a circle surrounding the hole. You should make sure the balls are all three feet away from the cup in a circle around the hole.

Once your circle is set, throw the colored ball 30-50 feet away from the hole. Your goal is to roll the ball within the circle you have created around the hole. If the ball settles inside the circle, go to one of the balls that is part of the circle and go through your entire putting routine. If you make the putt, repeat the process and throw the colored ball away from the hole. If you miss the short putt, you have to add a ball to the circle. Repeat this process until you lag every putt within the circle and then make the proceeding three-footer.

This drill helps work on a number of things important to putting: speed, distance control, start line, consistency and routine. So next time you go out to practice, keep this drill in mind to work on all the fundamentals key to a solid putting stroke.

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