No more duffing: 3 steps to nix your chili-dip

Duffing a chip is a round-killer, to say nothing about the embarrassment that comes with it. Swap a red face for some red numbers by striking the ground with the bounce that’s built into your wedge, not with the leading edge. Your “sole search” starts now.

STEP 1: Cover the sole of your wedge with ink using a non-permanent marker. Don’t worry—it’ll come off. In fact, that’s the point of this drill.

STEP 2. Hit a few chips. Your goal? To avoid over-leaning the shaft through impact, a costly error that causes the leading edge to dig. My advice is to position the ball in the middle of your stance, keep your wrists firm throughout, and sync-up the movement of your arms and body.

STEP 3. You’ll know you’re correctly brushing the grass with the sole when you notice the ink beginning to wear off the bottom of your wedge (it’ll remain if you’re still digging). And you’ll really have the moves down pat when you begin to remove ink from the rear of the sole.

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