10 ways to look like a good golfer (even if you aren’t)

Have you ever noticed that, for whatever reason, good golfers look like good golfers? You can almost spot them from a distance. Why is that?

In short, it is a combination of what they do and having the right gear. Here are a few ideas to help look like you know what you are doing. Fake it until you make it, I like to say.

1. Warm up (with good fundamentals)

Good golfers typically take the time to warm up, arrive early enough to do so and do not rush through the start of their round.

Besides warming up their full swing, they often hit several short game shots and a few putts to get a sense for the speed of the greens.

Also, before they even start their swing they look good and athletic. They look this way as a direct result of having a good grip and posture and often in a distinct order to them that they do repetitively time after time, allowing them to get set up well with all of their clubs.

2. Hold your finish

Balance is a key element to golf success, and the truest measure is an ability to hold your finish.

We often tell our corporate clinic students to hold their finish, so even if they aren’t good at all, they will look good from across the course in case their boss is watching. The good golfer pose is something all golfers can learn to do and will also result in better shots.

3. Tee your ball up like a pro

Something as simple as teeing your golf ball up properly can help you to look like you know what you are doing.

Balancing the ball between your middle and index fingers, perched on the top of the tee, and pushing the tee down into the ground with the pressure of the ball, with your back leg slightly up, adds to the mystique of looking good.

Should you have balance or back issues, you should not try this maneuver.

4. Play Fast

Good golfers typically keep moving and are ready to hit when it is their turn. They move quickly between shots and start to prepare as early as possible.

They also know when heading to a short game shot, they remember to bring all clubs they might need as well as their putter.

5. Own your errant shots

Good golfers are much more willing to go off the beaten path for an errant shot. They don’t think twice about having to cross into another fairway, or go somewhere unusual and find their way back.

There is often a greater calmness associated with an errant shot from the better golfers, whose experience allows them to realize this is just a part of the game.

6. Good bag and headcovers

Having the right golf bag and headcovers can be a great start to looking like a true golfer. Most commonly, the good golfer at a club would have a stand bag, with legs, allowing the club to stand on it’s own when on the range or when on the course walking or with a caddie.

Now, keep in mind, you need to carry it properly as well, with the strap over your shoulder, club head facing forward, and center of the bag resting just above your hips behind your back. The old “hold the bag like a bear hug” in front of you, will not help when looking for playing partners.

Good head covers are also a part of this complete look when it comes to your bag. Knit head covers would be on the top of my list, but the head covers that are leather and structured or from the manufacturer are also fine.

I would strongly advise against iron covers.

7. Find a distance measuring device

Good golfers are self-sufficient in determining yardages and club selection. They either have a laser or some type of GPS measuring device so when they get to their ball (quickly, remember), they have their distance, know what club to hit and pull the trigger.

8. Boast a nice logo

Certain golf clubs have recognizable logos that all good golfers would recognize immediately. There are many ways to hThere are many ways to display these logos, including on your bag, head covers, shirts, hats, and belts. If you have a chance to play one of these clubs or have a friend who does, ask them to be sure to add you to their shopping list.

I have a sweater that was just given to me as a gift from Cypress Point. I will save it for a special event, as this certainly qualifies as one of these special logos to break out when the time is right.

9. Have a basic understanding of the rules

Good golfers have a basic understanding of the rules of golf. Now keep in mind, they recently went through an adjustment to make them a bit more user friendly. Take a bit of time to learn the rules that will come into daily play, like hazards, out of bounds, unplayable lie, etc. so you don’t have to be corrected by an inconvenient “rules shark” at the wrong time.

10. Take pride in your outfit

There are so many great golf outfits out there and dressing the part, certainly can help to “fit in” with the golfers. There are plenty of golf shops with managers who are more than help to guide you in the right direction to look the part.

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