Go ‘long to short’ to get up and down

December 7, 2017

Having a hard time sticking your pitch shots close? You could be overaccelerating the clubhead through impact as a way to compensate for an overly short backswing. To smooth out your acceleration and improve your contact and distance control, try the opposite approach: Make a longer backswing and abbreviate your finish.

Instead of taking the club back until the shaft is just parallel with the ground, let your arms and hands reach parallel, which will allow the clubhead to move even higher, to roughly the same height as your ear. After a short pause, let gravity and the momentum of the downswing accelerate the club through impact, but this time, cut off your follow-through. This will take your arms and hands out of the swing and help ensure crisper contact. Think “long to short” and you’ll start pitching darts around the hole.