Don’t have time for pre-round practice? Use a towel to get loose instead

Short on time before a round? Using a towel to stretch can help get you loose. Here's how.


Every player knows how a round of golf can be impacted when they don’t get loose ahead of teeing off. It usually starts with tightness in the back and shoulders, which leads to bad results, and, finally, plenty of frustration because they just can’t physically perform like they’re capable of.

This is where stretching and hitting balls on the driving range or putting greens is so important prior to starting a round. Sure, it helps a player get the feel for his or her game ahead of the round, but it’s also getting those big muscles in the back to loosen up.

But what can someone do if they’re running late ahead of their tee time and can’t loosen up? To help with that (all-too-common) situation, GOLF Teacher to Watch Lucas Wald has an easy way to stretch out — by using a towel.

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How to use a towel to get loose

In the video above, Wald goes through the steps of stretching with a towel. Not only is it simple, but it’s effective and quick — which will allow you to loosen up and feel good as you make your way to the first tee box.

Take a look at what he suggests below, and be sure to try this exercise before your next round. Your body (and scorecard) will thank you.

1. Grab your towel

As Wald shows in the video, all you need is the towel from your bag for this stretching exercise.

Next, he demonstrates what to do, saying, “for a right-handed golfer, [put your] right hand underneath on the right side of the towel, and left hand on top.”

2. Mimic your golf swing

Now that you have the towel in your hands, Wald says it’s important to create some tension and begin to mimic your golf swing. Do this by rotating as if you’re holding a club in your hands.

“Create some tension in the towel. We’re going to swing back to the top, creating a full turn. Look when I do this. I’m continuing to pull the towel pretty tight.

“As I go to the top, look at my spine. I’m stretching out the middle part, or the thoracic part, of my spine. We’re going to hold there.”

3. Release your right arm and swing through

Finally, Wald says that, after creating some static motion, it’s important to release the right arm, which will expand your chest. This almost looks like you’re swinging a baseball bat.

“Come about halfway down and hold again. Then we’re going to go through, letting go with [the] right arm, and expanding the chest; creating the necessary mobility you need heading to the first tee.

“So this is what it looks like. Towel tight, up, stretch, hold for a few times, then come down, land, [swing] through.”

Nick Dimengo Editor