TB12 wants to help you return to golf successfully

A girl performs fitness exercises for the TB12 Return to Golf program.

Getting back out on the course after an extended offseason due to the coronavirus pandemic feels good, but if you’re like me, you’re probably not loving how rusty (or in my case downright inconsistent) your game is.

Part of that is just not having played very much. The other part of that is spending too much time binge watching and not enough time exercising. If that sounds like you, TB12’s Return to Golf program could be exactly what you need. 

I started my game-improvement journey with TB12 by sending in my swing for a free evaluation from one of their Body Coaches. All you have to do is film your swing and email your videos to golf@tb12sports.com; it’s really that easy.

Right now, if you and a friend both send in your swings, you’ll be eligible for 10% off the Return to Golf program, normally $250. To get the discount, you just send in your swing videos and include the name of your friend in the email. Once your friend holds up their end of the bargain and sends in his or her swing, you’ll both receive the discount. 

After getting my initial swing review and playing a few rounds, it was apparent that I was going to need some expert help to get my body really ready to play golf again. So I decided to try the Return to Golf program and work with Randy Ashe, a Body Coach, to really give myself the best opportunity to improve my game. 

The Return to Golf program is a three-week virtual workout program designed to improve how your body moves so you can maximize your golf swing’s potential. Over the course of the three weeks, you have three virtual sessions with your body coach, and complete prescribed workouts six days per week. 

I met with Randy this week to discuss where I think I could improve my golf swing (my hips really don’t lie). So we spent the majority of my virtual session doing exercises designed to improve my hip drive and my ability to engage my core and glutes in my swing. 

This level of personalization extends to the programming itself as well. For example, because I struggle with hip turn, Randy has me doing pliability exercises with a foam roller to help improve my hip mobility. That should translate to improved movement patterns in my golf swing and a little more power. 

Rolling out using a vibrating pliability foam roller or sphere is one of the pillars of the TB12 program.

Rachel Bleier

The program doesn’t happen entirely in the gym either. A lot of the workouts incorporate swinging a golf club, which helps train your muscles to make the connection between the exercises you do and how your muscles should activate in your swing. 

Going through the first week of the program, I’ve already seen results on the course. The pliability routine has helped my hip mobility and has translated to some of the best drives I’ve ever hit. (My irons still need some work.)

While my swing isn’t perfect, I’m definitely already getting more out of it than I was before I started the Return to Golf program.

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