Tom Brady’s TB12 coaches evaluated my swing for *free*, and it immediately helped my game

A woman makes a golf swing.

The author's swing saw big improvements the next time she hit the course.

I, admittedly, am not a good golfer, but I am a big gym rat. So I’m fascinated by guys like Bryson DeChambeau who use fitness to improve their game.

So when I saw that Tom Brady’s fitness lifestyle brand, TB12, was offering free swing evaluations, I had no reason not to submit my swing for review. 

TB12’s evaluation process is really simple. Step one, film your golf swing from two angles, down-the-line and face-on. Step two, email your swing videos to

After I sent my swing to be reviewed, I received an email from Randy Ashe, a Body Coach at TB12 Boston. In his email, Randy broke down the physiological limitations preventing me from maximizing my potential on the course.

And that’s the biggest difference between a swing analysis from TB12 and say, a golf pro: TB12’s coaches are focused on how your body’s movement patterns affect your swing rather than on your swing mechanics. Improving your body’s movement patterns makes it easier to swing the golf club efficiently.

This is the fatal flaw in Tom Brady’s golf swing
By: Luke Kerr-Dineen , Brian Manzella

For me, Randy pointed out my propensity to hang back in my swing, which results in my failure to transfer my weight fully onto my lead leg. The cause of this swing flaw? “A combination of limited internal rotation in my hips as well as poor activation of the powerful muscles like the glutes and core.”

With the band-aid ripped off and my swing flaws laid bare, Randy next provided me a personalized program to address these issues.

To increase the flexibility in my hips so I can better rotate in my swing, I’m on a strict foam rolling regimen using a vibrating foam roller. This routine includes rolling out my hamstrings, glutes, inner thigh and quads. Doing this before and after I exercise, as well as before and after I play golf.

Improving my glute and core activation, I’m doing three sets of pelvic rotation, Palloff upper/lower dissociation and Palloff holds with a hip fire using resistance bands

I’m also doing a third set of exercises that include a high-to-low golf chop, squat to rotation and a low-to-high punch with hip drive. These exercises are designed to improve my ground force production and help my weight transfer. 

So did all of this work?

While I just started the program, I have had a chance to play since — and I played my best golf ever. I even drove the green on a par-4. What’s even better is that getting the sequencing in my swing right thanks in part to my TB12 program straightened out my drives and added distance to my irons. 

It’s crazy how fun golf can be when you’re not hacking out of trees and rough all day. 


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