This LPGA rookie’s healthier routine has her feeling better than ever

Haley Moore takes a swing

Haley Moore has lost 35 pounds to date.

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Haley Moore is a homegrown talent. The LPGA rookie doesn’t have a swing coach, a trainer, a nutritionist or the large posse common among professional athletes.

She keeps things simple and chill, exactly what you’d expect from a Southern California native just trying to make her way on tour. 

Moore, after earning her LPGA status by finishing T-11 at Q-School, was excited to start living her dream of being a professional golfer. However, as she played through the Covid-condensed 2020 season, the grueling travel schedule and difficult course setups left her feeling more tired than normal.

“I could just tell out there that I was getting tired and fatigued from traveling week after week,” Moore told “So I wanted to use the long offseason to really try to lose some weight and get my strength up.” 

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As someone who has struggled with her weight throughout her life (and been bullied because of it), the soft-spoken Moore knew she needed to make a change. So she treated herself.

“I had always wanted a Peloton bike,” Moore said. “So I said, Okay, why not? It’s the perfect time to get one, and I can ride it everyday.”

Moore took her investment in her health one step further during the LPGA’s offseason by starting a new diet. By focusing on portion control, her new high-protein, lower-carb meal plan has helped her take her weight loss to another level.

To date, Moore has lost about 35 pounds and says she feels better than ever.

Throughout this experience, Moore’s clothing sponsor Kinona has been extremely supportive. That’s because everything she’s doing and stands for dovetails perfectly with Kinona’s mission to make golf more inclusive for women of all shapes, sizes and walks of life.

Haley Moore’s anti-bullying mission dovetails perfectly with Kinona’s goal of making golf more inclusive for women. Kinona

The benefits of Moore’s weight loss extend beyond looking good in Kinona’s clothes on the course, though. 

“I’m not as tired as I was when I get off the course,” Moore said. “I just have a lot more energy, I’m sleeping a lot better which is important, especially as we travel to different time zones week after week.” 

From a swing perspective, Moore says she “can definitely tell it’s a lot easier to feel what’s going on in my swing,” which helps her make real-time adjustments on the course. In other words, it’s giving her a competitive advantage and should help her get her first LPGA win sooner than you might think. 

If you’re looking to lose weight or simply make some healthier choices, there’s a lot you can learn from Moore’s journey.

First, she’s not doing all of this alone. Her mom has joined in too. She says doing any kind of fitness and diet regimen is just easier when you have an accountability partner, and she’s not wrong. Embarking on a diet with a friend or family member is one of the most common pieces of advice you’ll get when you first start out. 

Moore also advises that if you want to change, you’ll have to be willing to try new things. That means new foods, new workouts, and more all in an effort to build new and better habits that will eventually help you reach your goals. Again, she’s 100 percent right here. You won’t be able to change your lifestyle if you continue doing the same things over and over again. 

Whether you’re actively looking to lose weight or you’re trying to make healthier choices, follow Moore’s example. Lead with kindness to yourself and others, and the results will follow.