5 easy ways to prime yourself for better golf this season

In order to play better golf this season, GOLF Teacher to Watch Adam Smith reveals five things to consistently do to prime yourself

In order to play better golf, it takes a consistent plan (and it starts with priming your body and mind).

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It might still be early on in the year, but spring is just (technically) a couple of days away, meaning we’re all hoping for more sunshine and warmer days to match the longer days ahead.

The fact that I’m writing this while looking out a window where it’s 65 degrees and sunny in mid-March is music to my ears, and has me itching to book my next round ASAP!

But before heading to the golf course or driving range, there are a few things every golfer needs to do in order to prepare themselves — and to knock off some rust following the winter months.

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Sure, we all try to stretch out before hitting balls on the range or playing 18, but if you really want to reach your golf goals this spring season, it takes consistent work that isn’t always done at the course.

So what’s the best way to prepare both your mind and body for the long golf season ahead? GOLF Teacher to Watch Adam Smith provides five easy things that everyone can do each day — and they don’t require a bunch of time or effort. So check them out and start implementing each into your daily routine; your golf game will thank you.

Play better golf by doing these 5 things

Most of us only associate healthy living with our everyday lives, but Smith reminds people that success in golf requires consistently maintaining healthy habits as well.

“Making healthy lifestyle choices for the game of golf is an absolute must,” he says. “So many amateur golfers worry about their swing and improving their golf technique, but they often overlook the simple measures of good health and wellness.

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“Having guidance from your golf coach about your swing is obviously smart, but have you ever thought about talking to a wellness coach to improve your game? How about hiring a certified golf fitness trainer?”

Since the game is both physical and mental, here are the five things Smith suggests doing to prime yourself for better golf.

Warm up and stretch your muscles every day

The first thing you do in the morning should be your golf muscle warmup, since it’s smart to get those big muscles loose before stretching. I suggest something as simple as walking your dog around the neighborhood — just to increase your heart rate and get your body moving.

Always remember to consult a physician before beginning a new cardiovascular routine. And when it comes to golf-specific stretches, I have a stretching booklet designed to assist you.

Practice your swing for 5 minutes each day

The best way to build consistency with your golf swing? Practice that motion over and over each day.

Let’s face it, when you’re taking lessons, you and your pro know that you need to do the work. Your biggest complaint is that you don’t have time — but practicing your swing at home every day for five minutes is easy!

After warming up your muscles and doing your stretches, grab a golf club and do the work! Practice your grip, stance, and golf posture at home. Using weighted clubs and tempo training equipment are also a great way to mix in some variety — and all you have to do is swing. There’s no need to hit anything when you’re practicing at home.

Hire a golf fitness trainer

Some amateur players may think this is a bit overkill unless they plan on competing on a higher level, but, in my opinion, having a trainer put you through a mobility screening will reveal the areas of your body that you should strengthen and make more flexible — which will lead to better golf no matter what level of player you are.

Once you have an understanding of your body and its abilities, it will only amplify your efforts to improve your swing technique.

Regularly doing the work in the gym with a trainer will also help you connect your mind and body in a new way, ensuring you’re primed for grueling rounds as the weather get warmer.

Eat and drink properly during your round

If you’re not already doing this, shame on you! Staying hydrated during a round of golf is critical, as it helps your body perform at its best and allows your mind to stay focused. I also suggest avoiding sports drinks and only drinking water.

You should also put some healthy snacks in your golf bag, making sure you eat them every three holes or so. These can be things like peanut butter crackers, granola bars, trail mix (without chocolate), or salty pretzels. Being mindful of your energy levels during a long round of golf and eliminating any sugar intake will only benefit your golf game.

Post-round recovery

After a round of golf, try going to the driving range and hitting balls for another 15 minutes if you have time. This is a good habit that only Tour players typically do, but it’s a brilliant idea for amateurs, too! I also suggest going to the putting green for an additional 15 minutes after a round too, working on your putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker shots.

The goal here is to sharpen up any misses from your just-completed round while you’re still in “golf mode,” rather than simply heading to the grill or back home after finishing up.

So if you want to be great, put in the extra work required to reach your goals. By implementing the five simple tips above, better golf can be achieved as we enter prime playing season.

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