Get 10% off these CBD ‘focus’ droplets to help with your first-tee jitters

One of the reasons why CBD has grown in popularity among golfers in recent years is because it comes in so many forms. It’s one of its primary benefits and conveniences.

CBD, as you might have read previously, is the second-most active ingredients of cannabis, and as such can be infused into various products in different ways. As part of our ongoing partnership with On The Green CBD — a company that specializes in products for golfers — we’ve highlighted gummies, hand sanitizer and cooling gel for aches and pains. Readers can get 10 percent off all these products using the code GOLF10 at checkout.

This week, we’re highlighting On The Green’s “focus” droplets, which feature tinctures that can potentially help you focus and calm your first tee jitters. The droplets come in three sizes, with the 1000mg the largest, featuring 30 servings. Golfers can keep it in their bags, and when they’re ready to use, they simply shake and apply a droplet under their tongue. Hold for 60 seconds, swallow and then put it back in your bag for next time.


Get 10% off using code GOLF10

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