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For so many of us, a good night of sleep lies just out of reach.  Missing out on sleep can do more than just leave you feeling groggy the next day; it has a cumulative effect leading to poor sleep patterns resulting in trouble concentrating and affecting memory.  Poor sleep influences your mood, as well as your performance at work, and particularly your game on the golf course.  

Arguably, the most important thing to prepare yourself for a great round of golf is a good night’s sleep.

On The Green CBD has developed a unique broad-spectrum CBD + CBN Distillate Tincture, infused with relaxing plant-derived terpenes such as linalool, humulene and myrcene to support healthy sleep patterns so that you can feel truly rested.  By blending CBD (cannabidiol) and CBN (cannabinol) with these terpenes, On The Green CBD offers a natural, botanical solution to ease you into a restful night of sleep. Learn more about CBN here

This new CBN tincture is THC-free and has a natural lemon flavor and should be used once daily, about 30-60 minutes before bedtime, or as recommended by your healthcare provider.  

CBD and CBN are known as cannabinoids which are extracted from the hemp plant.  In fact, they’re well known for their ability to reduce inflammation in the body, relieve stress and curb anxiety.  From lotions to capsules to gummies, CBD is becoming widely used and even more so on the golf course.  On The Green CBD is developed for golfers and can help you stay calm, focused and performing at your best throughout your round.

Over the past few weeks, has featured a number of CBD products from On The Green CBD, a company that specializes in making products specifically designed for golfers, such as Arnica + Turmeric Relief cream, Cooling Gel, Hand Sanitizer, Gimme Gummies, Soft Gel Capsules and a full range of Broad Spectrum Tinctures to help golfers both on and off the course.

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CBD + CBN SLEEP Terpene Enhanced Broad Spectrum Tincture (1000MG)

Because it isn’t yet widely used and can be expensive to source, CBN has remained a secret and is available in only in a handful of commercial products. Making On The Green CBD one of the first to market with premium cannabinoid supplement.

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