Answers to CBD performance benefits you were too afraid to ask

CBD is the next big thing in golf.

A few years ago, few people knew what CBD was. Now CBD has found an unlikely match in the sport. Walk around any PGA Tour event these days and the influence of the CBD industry is apparent. From sponsors on player’s apparel to companies set up in booths touting the benefits, the link between golf and CBD is nearly inextricable.

While CBD is a found in cannabis and hemp plants, it is non psychoactive and therefore does not put you in an altered mental state. The World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its list of prohibited substances in 2018 and in the time since, it has taken off in the world of golf. One of the companies that has looked to capitalize on the golf market is San Diego-based company On the Green CBD.

Founded by Neil Fishenden and his son, Nick, On the Green markets itself as a CBD company specifically developed for golfers.

“We’ve created a product line that is specific to the different needs of the golf,” Nick said. “We have a tincture line that has focus, recovery and sleep specificity. And what we’ve done is we’ve enhanced these tinctures with specific terpenes which are going to produce these different effects.”

Tinctures are essentially concentrated extracts that are administered in small doses via droppers. With these specific tincture lines in mind, there are various benefits for your golf game. The focus tincture can help quell those first-tee jitters, while recovery can be taken post round to keep those aches and pains at bay. And the sleep tincture promotes restfulness that all golfers need to perform at peak performance levels.

The benefits of CBD have not been evaluated by the FDA, but despite that, there are a number of golfers (notably, Bubba Watson) who use CBD products to ease the rigors of professional golf.

“There’s no bad stuff in it, there are no chemicals in there that will mess you up or make you fail a drugs test,” Watson said in an interview with CNN last year.

And while the medical benefits of CBD are not scientifically backed, On the Green uses certain terpenes in their products that studies have shown to have healing benefits as well. These terpenes, such as Myrcene, Humulene, Linalool and Terpinolene, are combined in certain fashions with the cannabinoids which can provide performance benefits.

With this in mind, On the Green looks to expand in the golf space as they market their product to the golfer — from the recreational level all the way up through the professional ranks.

“My whole thing was getting the professional sportsmen a product to be able to use that they could use confidently that was making the product specifically for them,” Nick said.

Want to try CBD yourself?

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