The 5 best pre-round exercises to do before you tee off

If you want to play a great round of golf, you must begin your prep well before you even tee off.

Flexibility is the single most important physical ability that any golfer can have. You will play your best golf, and gain a competitive advantage on course, when you feel flexible. Plus, in today’s world of speed training, flexibility techniques are essential.

Here are five stretches that you can do before you play to make sure your body is ready

Hamstring / Calf Stretch

Stretching your hamstrings and calf muscles will ensure proper low body posture in your swing and prevent lower back pain. Golfers often struggle with poor low body posture because of tight hamstrings and calves, so getting these muscles groups warm is essential.

Toe-Touch Stretch

This stretch will loosen tight back muscles and also assist with loosening the hamstrings. Your golf swing posture and athletic position at the top will benefit from this important stretch.

Elongation Stretch

To lengthen those core muscles (your lats and abdominals) hold a golf club above your head and reach for the sky as far as you can. More flexibility in your core muscles will help you rotate functionally during the golf swing.

Club Reach

The muscles in your lower back, glutes and legs can be lengthened with this easy pre-game stretch. Loosening these muscles will allow you to swing the club all the way back and all the way through with great ease.

Forearm Stretch

Your forearm flexor muscles and extensor muscles should be loose and all warmed up after this stretch. Strong forearms that feel flexible allow for a better wrist hinge which provides the optimal leverage in your swing.

Always make time to stretch the muscles you need for stability and mobility in the golf swing. This will assist you with your best technique out there on the golf course.

Adam Smith is the Head of Instruction at The Country Club of Virginia and is a GOLF Teacher to Watch.

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