Have 10 minutes before a round? These 10 things will optimize your warm-up

Players warm up at the TPC Sawgrass range.

Limited on time before teeing off? Try this easy 10-minute warm up.

Keyur Khamar/PGA TOUR via Getty Images

In a perfect world, every golfer arrives at the course with plenty of time to warm up, which includes hydrating, fueling up with a snack, and getting their body primed for the round ahead.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world.

Between work and family responsibilities, as well as uncontrollable factors like traffic on the way to the course, getting to the course with enough time to warm up can be a difficult task. But that doesn’t mean you should forgo a proper warm-up.

10 ways to get loose in just 10 minutes

Showing up feeling rushed and flustered will only result in a poor round, so I’m providing you with 10 things to do in just 10 minutes before teeing off. By following the tips below, you’ll put yourself in the best position to play your best.

1. Wear your golf shoes to the course

When you’re feeling rushed before a round, it’s always best to just slip your golf shoes on before leaving the house. By doing so, you’ll save time upon arrival, allowing you to just dive right into your warm-up. I also suggest having a couple of balls and tees in your pocket, too, just so you’re a little more organized.

2. Take practice swings to loosen up

Even if you don’t have time for a full warm-up, you always have to stretch to loosen up to avoid getting hurt. To do this, start by making a few small swings, then eventually work your way up to full swings by increasing club speed. This motion helps mimic your golf shot.

3. Take half-swings with your sand wedge

When starting with those half-swings, I suggest using either your sand or lob wedge. This serves two purposes. First, you’ll be warming up the bottom half of your golf swing, and second, you’ll get the feel of your pitch shot. This is sort of like walking before running, meaning you’ll start small to try and produce good, solid contact, which will build confidence before working your way up to the full swing.

4. Now work on your full swing

It’s important to get a feel for each club in your bag, so the next step is working on your full swing. Swap out the sand or lob wedge for a mid-iron (like a 7 or 8), and attempt three or four iron shots. Once you find some consistent strikes, work your way to longer clubs. If you’re struggling with good contact, stay with the shorter irons before “graduating” to longer clubs. Remember, one important key of a warm-up is to build your confidence.

5. Make setup or swing adjustments based on your ball flight

As you warm up your body and start to feel loose, the next step is to identify what your ball flight looks like today. Are you playing a draw? Are you fading it? Are you making poor contact causing the ball to come out low? Make notes for yourself so you understand what to expect heading into the round.

6. Time to work in a hybrid or fairway wood

After using some irons and getting a feel for the ball flight, now work in some hybrids or fairway woods. Simply take some light practice swings, making sure you loosen up your body due to the changing lengths of the club. Hit several solid shots with each of these, then move to your driver.

7. Finally, warm up with your driver

So many amateurs show up to the course and whip out the driver first. As you can see, though, that’s the opposite of what I suggest players do — so you need to gradually work your way up to this club. Work on your setup first, then focus on your transition and swing speed. As you see better practice shots, you’ll begin to gain confidence — making this short warm-up feel much more thorough.

8. Dial in your distance control on the greens

I suggest every player gains some sense of green speed and distance control while practicing before a round. To do this, hit putts back and forth on uphill and downhill shots. Don’t focus on the result, just make sure you feel the differences between the uphill and downhill shots — as this goes a long way in shaving strokes during a round.

9. Grab a snack before teeing off

After doing a quick warm-up, it’s a must to fuel up and prepare your body. Make sure to grab some food and hydrate, which will help you maintain good energy throughout your round. If your body gets fatigued, your mind will follow — and you won’t be able to play your best.

10. Slow down, breathe, and stay calm

These 10 minutes probably went by fast, but as long as you complete each of these tasks prior to walking to the first tee box, your body should be prepared. All that’s left is calming your mind. So breathe in, allowing yourself to slow down and reset. By doing this, you’ll think more clearly and can execute your tee shot.

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