GOLF’s most-read driving tip of 2021: Do these 2 things to get longer and straighter off the tee

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Everyone wants to hit the ball longer and straighter off the tee, and Lee Trevino explained how via our most-read driving tip of 2021.

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Lee Trevino won his last PGA Tour event 37 years ago, but his wisdom on the golf swing still rings true to this day. And although the 82-year-old is well past his playing prime, his knowledge about how to hit the ball pure will never go stale.

As a tribute to the six-time major winner’s birthday earlier this year,’s resident instruction nerd Luke Kerr-Dineen dove into the archive for some swing advice from the legend, and what he dug up turned into our most-read driving tip of 2021.

The article was based a video which you can watch below, or you can read on for a summary of the tips for longer and straighter drives. (You can also read the full article here.)

2 tips to hit it longer and straighter

1. Never stop turning

In the video, Trevino explains that golfers compromise distance and accuracy when they slow down their arms and bodies as they approach impact. To keep from doing this, grab a towel and practice your swing with it in lieu of a club.

“Watch how the handkerchief will follow all the way through,” Trevino says.

2. Don’t decelerate

Don’t decelerate as you approach the ball. You’ll feel this if the towel catches up to your hands as you approach the impact position.

“Try and keep your body ahead of your hands and the clubhead,” he says.

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