Lee Trevino explains how to get ‘more distance and hit it straighter’ in just 45 seconds

Pro golfer lee trevino swings

Keep your body ahead of the clubhead, Trevino says.

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Lee Trevino, one of the best ball-strikers of all time and a Hall of Famer who used his bullet fade to win six major championships, turned 82 on Wednesday.

In honor of Lee’s birthday, we’re diving back into the archive and finding a gem of a tip that he says will solve two problems at once.

“You’re going to get more distance,” Trevino says in the clip, “and you’re surely going to hit it straighter.” Here’s how it works.

1. Never stop turning

Trevino says golfers tend to lose distance and accuracy when they slow down their arms and body in “anticipation of the hit.” To get the feeling of what Lee’s looking for, grab a handkerchief (a towel works just as well), take it to the top of the backswing, pause for a moment, and swing through.

“Watch how the handkerchief will follow all the way through,” Trevino says.

2. Don’t do this

If you’re decelerating you’ll feel the handkerchief “catch up,” Trevino says.

“Try and keep your body ahead of your hands and the clubhead,” he adds.

A simple swing feeling that’ll help keep your swing moving. You can watch the full clip below.

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