Chipping Tips: Get Up and Down More Often By Simplifying Your Technique

December 19, 2016

Everyday golfers often come up short on their chips by trying to “scoop” the ball into the air; their arms and wrists lose their angles, leading to poor contact. The easy way to hit solid chips that get to the hole? Get your arms, wrists and elbows working as one unit.

Assume your normal chipping posture and grip down to the metal on the shaft, resting the butt of the club just below your navel. Your shoulders, forearms and hands should form a triangle, with the shaft in the middle of the triangle. Make your normal chipping stroke with the clubhead off the ground and the grip secured against your midsection, maintaining the triangle into your finish.

Make a few practice swings this way, then return to your normal grip and hit some chips. Move your arms, shoulders and club as one unit and lightly brush the ground through impact. See how much more connected you feel to the club? This improved connection means more control, which dramatically improves your chipping. You’ll be getting up and down all day long.

Excessive wrist action when you chip is a big no-no. Get your shoulders, arms, hands and the clubshaft working as one unit for ultimate short-game control.