Follow these 8 steps to stripe it like the reigning U.S. Junior Amateur Champion

preston summerhays swings

Preston Summerhays will take his smooth swing to Arizona State in 2021.

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As reigning U.S. Junior Amateur champ, Preston Summerhays will tee it up this September in the U.S. Open. Can the kid, who’s headed to Arizona State in 2021, hang with the pros? With moves like these, he just might. Check out GOLF Top 100 Teacher Boyd Summerhays breaking down his son’s action below.

1. Setup

Preston’s lead and trail hands are rotated to the right. A “strong” grip.

2. Takeaway

You can see him getting slightly taller as he swings back. That sets up his move in frame 4.

3. Top

His lead wrist is in a flexed, or “bowed,” position; the grooves are pointed slightly to the sky.

4. Transition

Look at the “squat” as he starts down, with the knees widening. Great use of the ground.

5. Halfway down

Preston is rotating his body open to the target while maintaining that flexed left wrist.

6. Just before impact

Notice that his lead leg is straightening. He’s pushing “out of the ground” for power.

7. Follow through

His eyes and head follow the ball off the clubface, allowing him to continue rotating his body

8. Finish

He’s balanced over his front foot and leg. It all adds up to a tight fade, Preston’s go-to shot.

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