How to use a $100 bill to create more power in your swing

A $100 bill can be a valuable training aid.

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In golf you don’t have the luxury of starting blocks to help you “burst” into action. Here’s the next best thing.

Place a $100 bill on the inside of your trail foot, as shown in the photo below. Why the C-note? You wouldn’t want to lose it by performing the drill incorrectly. (Spikeless shoes recommended, obviously.)

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The goal of the drill is simple: Keep the bill under your foot (so that it won’t blow away). That means, during your backswing, keeping your weight over the inside of your trail foot. It’s a subtle move that ramps up the torque between your upper and lower body, priming you for a powerful transition. Keeping your weight over the inside of your foot also stops you from swaying, boosting accuracy.

On the downswing, pressure the bill using your inner heel. As you do, feel pressure build under the ball of your front foot. This is the correct way to transfer power to your front side. To really get the shift right, keep your rear heel on the bill as long as possible.

You don’t have to use a $100 bill. Use anything. What’s important is that you practice with feedback.

Andrew Park teaches at Orange County National in Winter Garden, Fla.

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