FIRST LOOK: Callaway’s Jaws MD5 Raw wedges

Callaway Jaws MD5 Raw

Callaway's Jaws MD5 wedge is now available in a raw finish.

Callaway Golf

The finish and grind options offered to recreational golfers on Callaway’s Jaws MD5 retail line will soon include two new options, including an unplated “raw” finish that will rust over time. A popular option on tour, the raw finish provides a soft feel to the 8620 mild carbon steel head while also reducing glare due to the patina finish.

The unplated finish is paired with Callaway’s proprietary groove design that features a razor-sharp 37-degree wall angle. Altering the angle allows the wedge to generate 11 percent more spin (500 RPMs) with a lower, more controlled launch angle, especially on shots from 30-40 yards.

callaway jaws md5 raw
Courtesy Callaway

According to Roger Cleveland, Callaway’s chief wedge designer, it takes roughly nine minutes to machine just the grooves on the new wedge — not including the groove-in-groove — with a cutter that makes it through 15 heads before it must be replaced. To make the initial batch of MD5 Jaws wedges, Callaway went through roughly 50,000 cutters to ensure each set of grooves had the necessary bite. It’s without question the tightest tolerances ever achieved by Callaway.

In addition to a new finish, fresh grind options will be added to the current matrix. The most notable addition is a new T Grind (58 and 60 degrees) that’s risen in popularity on Tour; it’s highlighted by a crescent sole and moderately thicker topline that raises the wedge’s center of gravity for a more controlled flight. Two additional lofts (54 and 56 degrees) for the higher bounce X Grind and a 62-degree offering for the C Grind round out the new loft/grind introductions.

Callaway’s Jaws MD5 Raw wedge is available June 4 and retails for $159.99.


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