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Callaway’s new MD5 JAWS wedges are downright groovy

November 4, 2019

During the development of Callaway’s Mack Daddy 5 JAWS wedges ($160), chief wedge designer Roger Cleveland chose to push the limits and create a groove with some serious bite.

With a razor-sharp 37-degree wall angle, Callaway’s updated JAWS groove generates 11 percent more spin (500 rpm) than its predecessor with a lower, more controlled launch angle—especially on shots from 30 to 40 yards.

It takes roughly nine minutes to machine the new groove design—not including the groove-in-groove—with a cutter that makes it through just 15 heads before it has to be replaced. To make the initial batch of MD5 wedges, Callaway went through roughly 50,000 cutters to ensure each set of grooves had the necessary zip. It’s without question the tightest tolerance ever achieved by Callaway.

A Micro-Positive surface texture pattern was also milled into the flat parts of the face to expand the length of the hitting area and grab the ball’s cover at 84 different contact points. Each head is made from 8620 mild carbon steel and comes in two finishes (Platinum Chrome and Tour Grey) and five grinds, including a new low-bounce W-grind derived from the Tour and featuring a narrower heel and tighter front-to-back radius for increased versatility around the green.

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