Golf hacks: An easy step-by-step process to re-grip your golf clubs at home

To perfect your golf swing, your body must operate as a synchronized chorus — ranging from how you hold your club to how you follow through with your swing. So, when the grip of your golf club deteriorates, so will your performance. An overly worn or torn grip will burn through gloves, make the club slippery and hard to handle and inevitably impact the quality of your play. 

But here’s how to fix the problem — yourself!

On the latest episode of’s Golf Hacks, we show how to easily regrip your clubs yourself. Note: We recommend you have some experience working with tools and hardware before starting this process.

First, you will need some tools: try to acquire a butane torch, grip tape, grip solvent, a shaft vice clamp, a hook blade, a table vice and (you guessed it) an entirely new grip.

Using these tools that can be found at home, re-gripping your club has never been easier.

Use the hook blade to slice the old grip away from the body of your club. Once it’s completely removed, pull out the butane torch and loosen the tape on the club. When it seems ready, pull the tape off the club.

Next, place the club in the vice clamp and tighten the bench vice to lock the club in. The next part involves some personal preference: vertically apply grip tape to the club the length of your desired grip. Once you check to make sure there are no air bubbles, pour the grip solvent into the new grip while covering the air hole.

You’re almost done!

In the last steps, pour the grip solvent over the tape and slide the grip onto the shaft. Finally, give the grip one last check to make sure it is straight.

That’s it. Go play, and go low.

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