FIRST LOOK: PXG launches 0311 ST Gen4 Blade irons to retail

A look at the new PXG 0311 ST Gen4 irons.

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Since every golfer has slightly different skills, preferences and playing abilities, it’s important that all equipment consumers find irons that fit their particular game. Mid-to-high handicaps, for example, typically fit best into large, perimeter-weighted irons that are made for high launch and more speed. This helps them get the ball airborne and reduces the negative effects of off-center strikes.

Likewise, smaller-headed irons are typically designed for better players who don’t often miss the center of the face and desire a bit more control over spin and distance. Blade-style irons exist on the very extreme end of the better-player spectrum. Blades are reserved for low-handicappers and Tour players who want the ultimate control over where their ball goes and how it gets there.

PXG’s current 0311 Gen4 iron lineup (T, P and XP) features intricate designs and modern technologies to improve distance and accuracy for a large range of golfers. The T, P and XP models are hollow-bodied, forged irons that have an XCOR polymer material sandwiched between the face and body to make them perform and feel better.

Most golfers can find what they need within the current lineup of 0311 Gen4 irons. Low handicappers and PGA Tour players, however, require designs that are a bit sleeker and offer maximum control.

For that category of golfers, PXG has developed new 0311 ST Gen4 iron models. The blade-style irons are already in the bags of PGA Tour players such as James Hahn and Wyndham Clark, and now, PXG is releasing them at retail.

PXG’s 0311 ST Gen4 irons are three-times forged and milled for precision and aesthetic. PXG

The “ST” stands for “Super Tour,” and they were constructed based on direct feedback from PXG Tour staffers. As such, the new irons have slightly different looks and constructions compared to the rest of the irons in the current 0311 Gen4 iron lineup.

While the ST irons could be categorized as “blades,” they’re really more of a modern take within the blade category. They do have solid-body constructions, and they’re forged from 8620 carbon steel, but they also offer several modern technologies for enhanced performance and precision.

Firstly, as with all of PXG’s Gen4 irons, a large interchangeable weight in the back cavity of the 0311 Gen4 ST heads allows fitters to adjust weight in the head, helping to manipulate performance and feel.

Notice the back cavity on the top portion of the iron. That’s there to help give the long-iron heads more forgiveness and launch. PXG

The 0311 ST Gen4 irons also have varied head designs throughout the set. The short irons (8-GW) have thin toplines and short blade lengths for the ultimate control, and to get the ball out of the rough more easily. The mid irons (6 and 7) also have thin toplines, but a slightly larger head size for more forgiveness. The long irons (3-5) have an even larger profile, and they also have a small cavity in the back of the irons to boost MOI (moment of inertia) and forgiveness.

This progressive design helps golfers maintain control where they need on shorter shots, while improving height, distance and forgiveness on longer shots.

Additionally, all of the new 0311 ST Gen4 irons feature less offset than the previous iterations, because that’s what Tour players asked for. “We spent a lot of time working with our tour players and other talented golfers to understand how we could pack more performance into our solid-bodied blades,” said PXG Founder and CEO Bob Parsons in a press release. “We’ve integrated everything we learned into our new PXG 0311 ST Gen4 Blades. And, while these beauties might not be for the faint of heart at address, they certainly deliver total control for those who can swing them.”

The new PXG 0311 ST Gen4 irons are available at retail in two different finishes: Chrome and Xtreme Dark. The blacked-out Xtreme Dark heads use a “Diamondlike Carbon Coating,” or DLC, to achieve the matte black look. They will sell for $349 per club in the Chrome finish, and $399 apiece in the Xtreme Dark finish.

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