Struggle with consistency? This iron design could be the answer

cleveland hb turbo irons

Cleveland's HB Turbo irons feature an easy-to-hit design that golfers can benefit from on the course.

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If you’ve been paying attention to the PGA Tour, you’ve probably picked up on a growing gear trend tied to elite-level golfers: hybrids have been popping up on a more regular basis this season. Ample spin and a towering ball flight are two things even Dustin Johnson can use on certain layouts.

When it comes to recreational golfers, many are already familiar with the numerous benefits hybrids offer. The wider sole improves turf interaction and reduces the chances of catching it heavy, while the low and back internal weighting (a common hybrid design) gets the ball in the air with relative ease.

Throw in an easy-to-hit profile with mishit protection and it’s not difficult to see why so many golfers have at least one hybrid in the bag. It’s reliable in crunch time when you need to win a few bucks off your buddies.

In fact, the hybrid design is so reliable, some manufacturers have started to develop entire iron sets around the popular profile. For the mid- to high-handicapper who struggles with iron consistency, the design is a worthy option if you don’t mind going outside the box and trying something radically different from a conventional game-improvement iron profile.

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo

Cleveland’s Launcher HB Turbo irons offer steel faces, fully hollow construction, and Hi-Bore crowns to generate metalwood power.

For example, Cleveland’s Launcher HB Turbo offers many of the same traits found in today’s game-improvement irons (forgiveness, ball speed, high launch), but in a hybrid-like profile. If one hybrid is good, chances are an entire set designed around the premise is going to make the game even more enjoyable, particularly for those on the higher end of the handicap spectrum.

The sole is on the wider side throughout the set, but that’s by design. By progressively transitioning the sole width — wider in the low lofts and getting narrower in the high lofts — it’s easier to get the club through the ground without chunking it. The deep CG, which is made possible through the use of a stepped “HiBore crown,” is also an advantage for those who routinely catch it thin or need help getting the ball in the air.

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The hollow-body construction and steel face deliver ball speeds that are typically found in, you guessed it, most fairway woods and hybrids. It’s the kind of combination speed-starved golfers could profit from.

So if you’ve ever contemplated whether a full set of hybrids could help take your game to the next level, Cleveland’s super-game-improvement Launcher HB Turbo irons are a good place to start. The hybrid-like profile won’t turn you into a pro overnight, but it’ll likely shore up problem areas that are magnified with a set of cavity-back irons.

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