ClubTest 2017: Callaway Apex hybrid review

April 14, 2017

CATEGORY: Better Player Hybrids

PRICE: $220

WE TESTED: 3 (20°) with Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Black Hybrid graphite shaft.

KEY TECHNOLOGY: With its long blade and neutral CG, the Apex is right at home in the low-handicapper’s bag.

Buy Now for $219.99


Buy Now for $219.99


One of the best; as versatile as your 7-iron—a nimble, neutral hybrid that’s up to any challenge; higher-than-expected launch and soft, sticky landings make the Apex a par-5 slayer.

“I’d buy this. In fact, I already did!”


Longer than what many guys play, and much better than the equivalent iron—you can get the benefits of more loft and still fill the gaps in your bag; enough juice to carry the junk takes “layup” out of your vocabulary.


The Apex is only as consistent as your swing— anyone outside single digits will likely need more help; toe shots can create some hooks; not adjustable, so know exactly what you need before buying one.

Bottom Line

For the second straight year, Callaway’s Apex is one of the best clubs in its class. With the power of a wood, the accuracy of an iron and a versatility all its own, it’s everything our testers look for in a better-player hybrid.