Cobra Darkspeed fairway woods: Everything you need to know

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Thanks to a new technology platform, including the integration of new materials, Cobra's Darkspeed fairway woods deliver greater performance.

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Realizing not everyone has the time to consume endless content on club-launch day, we’re trying something different and offering a fresh version of our detailed tech write-ups that hit the high points. Here’s everything you need to know about Cobra’s Darkspeed fairway woods, which will be available starting Jan. 19.

New and very new

cobra darkspeed fairways 2024
The Cobra Darkspeed LS, X and Max fairway woods. Cobra

The Cobra Darkspeed fairway woods continue where the drivers left off by offering X, Max and LS models. Also carrying over from the driver is much of the same technology platform — which we’ll get to in a moment — but something entirely new for Cobra’s fairway woods is the introduction of titanium for use in the body of the LS model to help it pack an even more powerful punch.

What’s inside

All three of the new Darkspeed fairway woods feature a re-engineered PWR-Bridge structure behind the face to help transfer energy and position mass low within the head, which maximizes launch and spin characteristics.

cobra fairway powershell 2024 darkspeed
The PWRSHELL H.O.T. Face insert. Cobra Golf

Also like the drivers, all three of the Darkspeed fairway woods have a larger PWRSHELL H.O.T. Face insert, which has been re-engineered with the help of A.I. to create more efficient energy transfer, specifically for fairway woods and a multi-material construction with lightweight carbon-crown plates to help boost MOI.

Greater fitting options

Cobra’s Darkspeed line features three unique fairway wood models to help golfers find the right fit.

The biggest change to the Darkspeed fairway wood lineup is the conversion from steel to titanium in the LS model, which helps shave a ton of weight from the body. This can then be repositioned around the head to create ideal launch characteristics for faster players who want to control their ball flight.

inside cobra darkspeed LS fairway 2024
Inside the multimaterial construction of the Darkspeed LS Titanium fairway wood. Ryan Barath

The weight savings are then used to power the tungsten core (38g) and also offer a total of 33 grams in additional moveable weight. This is without a doubt Cobra’s most adjustable and powerful fairway wood ever — and I don’t say that lightly. Loft offerings include a new stronger-lofted 3+ model (13 degrees; adjustable between 11.5 and 14.5 degrees), a 3-wood (14.5 degrees; adjustable between 13 and 16 degrees), and a 5-wood (17.5 degrees; adjustable between 16 and 19 degrees).

Cobra darkspeed X 2024 fairway
Cobra Darkspeed X fairway woods offer balanced performance. Cobra Golf

The Darkspeed X model is designed to fit the largest group of golfers and offers a balanced combination of speed and forgiveness while still being workable thanks in part to the MyFLy adjustable hosel. Loft offerings include 3-wood (15 degrees; adjustable from 13.5 to 16.5 degrees), a 5-wood (18 degrees; adjustable from 16.5 to 19.5 degrees) and a 7-wood (21 degrees; adjustable from 19.5 to 22.5 degrees).

Cobra darkspeed X 2024 fairway
The Darkspeed Max offers adjustable draw bias. Cobra Golf

The Darkspeed Max is engineered to help golfers who need a little more forgiveness, spin and draw bias, and it offers the highest launch and MOI of the Darkspeed fairway woods. Plus, with 12 grams of adjustable weighting, golfers can make it even more draw bias. Loft offerings include a 3-wood (15.5 degrees; adjustable from 14 to 17 degrees), a 5-wood (18.5 degrees; adjustable from 17 to 20 degrees) and a 7-wood (21.5 degrees; adjustable from 20 to 23 degrees).

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Price and availability

The new Cobra Darkspeed X and Max fairway woods are priced at $329 while the titanium LS is $429. All three models are available for presale starting today and hit online stores and retail on Jan. 19.

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