Mizuno ST-Max series driver, woods and hybrids: Everything you need to know

Mizuno ST MAX 2024 line

Engineered to reduce distance loss on mishits, the Mizuno ST-Max 230 driver and fairway woods pack loads of performance into larger profiles.

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Realizing not everyone has the time to consume endless content on club-launch day, we’re offering a fresh version of our detailed tech write-ups that hit the high points. Here’s what you need to know about Mizuno’s new ST-Max driver and metal woods that will be released in February.

Building on the success of the ST-G, T and X 230 series drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, Mizuno is ready to unveil the newest addition to the ST series with the ST-Max driver, fairway woods and hybrids — all designed to deliver ultra-stable performance without sacrificing speed.

“Everything in the ST Max engineering is dedicated to producing a straight ball flight, with minimal speed drop-offs across the face,” said Chris Voshall, Mizuno’s chief club engineer. “One of the regular comments we heard in tour testing was that the heads felt like they were on tracks.”

Mizuno ST-Max 230 driver

Mizuno st-MAX driver 230
Mizuno’s ST-Max driver has 54 grams positioned at the rear of the head for extreme forgiveness. Mizuno Golf

It’s not just the larger address profile of the ST-Max that makes it unique; what truly separates the ST-Max from the X, the Z and the newly released G models is how the engineers at Mizuno have optimized the geometry of the head for forgiveness, all while maintaining the same 460cc volume by making it shallower and longer heel to toe.


This shallow shape increases the overall surface area of the crown and sole, which allows for an expanded Cortech chamber on the sole for more flex and a total of 54 grams of back weight in the rear, making it Mizuno’s most stable driver ever made. To put the mass distribution into perspective, the 54-gram number is almost 20 grams more than the standard weight of the ST-X, which in 35 grams.

What makes the Cortech chamber different is that it has been lengthened and shifted closer to the club face to better maintain ball speeds over a larger area. The Beta-rich Titanium LFS face material is 9 percent higher in tensile strength (compared to the previously used SAT2041) and gives engineers the ability to create a more complex multi-thickness face geometry like what’s used on the most recent ST-G.

Although less of a technology story, Mizuno believes that the new ST-Max offers enough forgiveness and total MOI that it has stretched the stock length to 45.75 inches to help golfers add speed.

“The goal of the ST-Max project was to engineer the greatest MOI and performance from off-center strikes, but not sacrifice ball speed or make the profile too cumbersome to look at,” Voshall said.

As for options, the ST-Max driver will be available in 9.5 (right- and left-hand available) and 10.5 degrees of loft (right-hand only). They come with Mizuno’s quick-switch hosel with four degrees of adjustability.

Mizuno ST-Max 230 fairway woods and hybrids

ST Max Fairway woods 2024
The Mizuno ST-Max fairway woods. Mizuno Golf

The max forgiveness and geometry of the driver continue with the fairway woods and hybrids by offering a larger footprint to help add MOI and stability around the entire head. Both the fairway woods and hybrids utilize a high-strength MAS1C steel face for ball speed that matches up with the larger Cortech chamber on the sole.

Mizuno ST MAX fairway 2024
The face of the Mizuno ST-Max fairway wood. Mizuno Golf

A composite-wrap crown covers the toe section of the fairway wood heads to reduce overall mass higher in the head. While the smaller hybrids use a waffle pattern on the inside of the steel crown to increase strength and help position more weight in the sole, increasing launch and creating a more stable ball flight.

Mizuno ST Max address 2024
The Mizuno ST-Max from address. Mizuno Golf

“The ST-Max stands alone as a high-MOI design; we’ve had genuine curiosity from our tour staff,” Voshall said. “A consequence of making sure the profile still looks good over the ball and the speed is there. Without retaining the other performance traits of a great fairway wood, an extra few points on the MOI scale means very little.”

As for options, the ST-Max fairway woods will be available in 15 and 18 degrees (right- and left-hand available) and a 21-degree option (right-hand only). Like the driver, the ST-Max fairway woods will come with Mizuno’s quick-switch hosel with four degrees of adjustability.

Mizuno ST Max hybrid 2024 clubs
Mizuno ST-Max hybrids. Mizuno Golf

The ST-Max hybrids will be available in lofts of 19, 22, 25 and 28 degrees for right-handers, with the 22- and 25-degree heads also available for left-handed golfers. Mizuno’s quick-switch hosel with four degrees of adjustability is available on all hybrid lofts.

Price and availability

The Mizuno ST-Max driver, fairway woods and hybrids will be available in February, with the driver priced at $499, fairway woods priced at $299 each, and hybrids priced at $249.

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