Cleveland RTX Full-Face 2, Smart Sole Full-Face wedges: Everything you need to know

Cleveland RTX full face and smart sole wedges

The RTX 2 Full-Face and Smart Sole Full-Face wedges from Cleveland Golf.

Cleveland Golf

Realizing not everyone has the time to consume endless content on product launch day, we’re trying something different and offering a fresh variation of our detailed tech write-ups that hits the high points. Here’s what you need to know about Cleveland’s newest RTX Full-Face and Smart Sole Full-Face coming to retail on January 24th.

RTX Full-Face 2

RTX 2024 full face cleveland
Cleveland RTX Full-Face Cleveland Golf

More Grooves – More Control

The newest addition to the Cleveland family of wedges is RTX Full-Face 2, a line of wedges designed to offer premium control, and extra confidence by extending the grooves to the toe of the wedge and covering the entire face.

“Skilled players wanting that extra element of control with their green side play will reap the benefits of the RTX Full-Face 2 because we’ve added HydraZip face technology to maximize performance in wet or dry conditions, and ZipCore technology for even more forgiveness and consistency when you want to take on those riskier shots,” syas Casey Shultz, Senior Product Manager at Cleveland Golf.

RTX Full-Face Technology

Just like with the RTX 6, the new RTX Full-Face 2 wedges feature ZipCore which replaces heavy steel from inside the head with a low-density core to remove unnecessary weight from the hosel and the heel area and helps to also deliver a higher MOI for greater forgiveness and ball speed on shots hit around the face.

RTX6 Face 52 degree Cleveland
Close up of UltiZip grooves with HydraZip Ryan Barath

Next up is Cleveland’s to-the-limit UltiZip grooves to impart more spin and control. UltiZip has two extra grooves per wedge face compared to the previous generation to help get more bite and more stopping power, and as the name suggests the UltiZip grooves cover the entire striking surface of the new Full-Face 2 wedges.

The grind options for the RTX Full-Face 2 are optimized through the various lofts with the low 50/52 degree wedges having a balanced S-grind. The sand wedge lofts feature an S-shaped sole but with more bounce, and the lob wedge options (58 and above) have a C-shaped sole to offer versatility on shots that require a more open face.

full face tour rack 2024 cleveland
Cleveland RTX Full-Face Tour Rack Cleveland Golf

For those looking for extra customization, the RTX Full-Face wedges will also be available through Cleveland’s Tour Rack program which offers unplated raw wedges that can be ground to certain specs, just like the pros.

Cleveland RTX Full-Face 2 Wedges

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Smart Sole Full-Face

Smart sole 2024 wedges cleveland
The Smart Sole Full-Face wedges help simplfy the short game Cleveland Golf

For golfers who want help simplifying the short game and reducing lost shots around the green from unforced mistakes, the Cleveland Smart Sole Full-Face wedges are the perfect fit.

Each wedge in the Smart Sole Full-Face line is specifically designed for the most common shots a golfer is going to face during a round of golf and the extra-wide, three-tiered sole helps to prevent chucked shots and smooth turf interaction from anywhere on the course.

The Smart Sole Full-Face wedges offer the largest faces Cleveland has ever engineered on a wedge with a 46% larger striking area than the previous generation and a higher MOI for consistent distances on shots hit around that larger face.

smart sole 2024 cleveland face
The Smate Sole Full-Face wedges have two high contrast grooves to help with alignment Cleveland Golf

Finally, to help golfers line up that larger face square to the target like the Smart Sole wedges are intended to be used, the two bottom grooves have a high contrast white paint to help make sure it’s pointed in the right direction. Instead of lofts, the models are identified by their ideal intended use with the C-model for chip shots or bump-and-runs, the G-model for full and partial approach shots, the S-model for (you guessed it) sand shots, and finally the L-model for shots requiring a high lofted approach that stops quickly.

Cleveland Smart Sole Full-Face Wedges

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Price and availability

The full array of RTX Full-Face is available now with the tour satin option priced at $179.99 and the unplated raw Tour Rack priced at $199. The Smart Sole Full-Face is also available now and for $139.99.

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