Scotty Cameron Phantom (2024) putters: 5 things you need to know

scotty cameron 2024 phantom mallets

The Phantom lineup features four unique head shapes.


Realizing not everyone has the time to consume endless content on product launch day, we’re trying something different and offering a fresh variation of our detailed tech write-ups that hits the high points. Here’s what you need to know about Scotty Cameron’s 2024 Phantom mallets, which are coming to retail on March 8th for $449.

Fresh face

When Scotty Cameron sets out to design a new putter, he typically leans on an internal team at the studio and a bevy of tour pros to help shape the creation. The design process remained intact for Phantom — the newest Scotty Cameron design — with one exception. Austie Rollinson, one of Cameron’s main competitors over the decades at Odyssey, is now part of the Cameron team.

scotty cameron 2024 phantom mallets
Phantom already has a strong following on Tour. Titleist

With the former chief designer at Odyssey now in the fold as the senior director for putters at Cameron, the duo is constantly seeking out new ways to elevate the putter brand with innovative ideas that continue to push the limits.

“Bouncing ideas off him and taking the best parts of what he’s done and the best of what I’ve done, it’s been a lot of fun,” Cameron told “In the design of Phantom, without you knowing it, it aims itself. How can that be? It’s very subliminal. Even the shaft bend aims down your target line. All of this came from having the ability to work with someone I really respect. We run ideas by each other all the time.”

Run it back

scotty cameron 2024 phantom mallets
The dual-milled face technology creates a distinctive sound and feel. Titleist

Gearheads who are familiar with the dual-milled face technology found on last year’s Super Select line will notice the new milling process made the cut for Phantom. While the milling marks may have the appearance of something that leans towards the deep side, the putter’s feel falls right in the middle between shallow and deep.

“We currently have a mid-mill, and we used to have a deep mill,” Cameron said. “We still have players ask for a deeper mill, but this one is right in between. We deep-mill and then fly-cut the face to give it a mid-mill. The ball is hitting less material to create a distinct sound and feel, but it should still feel on the softer side at impact with mid-milled consistency.”

The face itself (along with the body) is crafted from 303 stainless steel and combined with a lightweight 6061 aircraft aluminum sole plate and flange. A newly optimized vibration-dampening technology ensures that aluminum provides valuable weight savings without negatively affecting sound and performance.

Line it up

scotty cameron 2024 phantom mallets
The “mechanically straight” sight lines on the Phantom 9. Titleist

With four head shapes (Phantom 5, 7, 9 and 11) in the lineup, Cameron spent extra time working on the alignment systems for each putter to ensure it was easy to align the head at address. For example, the angles on the heel and toe of Phantom 5 point toward the target and complement the milled sight dots (found on the 5 and 7 models) to create clean path to the target.

“Mechanically straight” sightlines on the 9 models and arrow-shaped line on the 11 give each model a unique alignment aid that blends perfectly with the angles found on the back section of the head. While the lines serve a visual purpose, they also give each head an edgy, industrial look.

Get a grip

scotty cameron 2024 phantom mallets
An up-close look at the chain link texture on Cameron’s custom-designed grip. Titleist

Every aspect of Phantom was thoughtfully crafted, including the stock grip affixed to all 10 models: A custom-designed, full-contact paddle-style grip that’s similar to the classic Baby T design — with a few modern tweaks.

The overall shape promotes more “contact and comfort” during the stroke and improves awareness of the face angle via a flat top surface. A “chain link” texture covering the rubber is designed for all weather conditions.


scotty cameron 2024 phantom mallets
Each putter has custom stainless steel heel-toe weights. Titleist

Each putter features custom stainless steel heel-toe weights and a silver mist process that helps reduce glare at address. The 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum parts have been misted and anodized in a black aluminum finish. The Phantom 5 and 7 have three cherry bombs outfitted in a translucent smoke paintfill, while engravings and sight lines on all models are painted in shades of asphalt, dove gray and dark gray.

Four lengths are offered (33, 34, 35 and 38 inches) with multiple neck/shaft configurations (low-bend, mid-bend, straight shaft or jet neck) to match stroke type.

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