Cobra Darkspeed hybrids and irons: Everything you need to know

Cobra Darkspeed irons 2024

Cobra engineers have refined key technologies from its Darkspeed metal wood line to create the new and powerful Darkspeed irons.

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Realizing not everyone has the time to consume endless content on club-launch day, we’re trying something different and offering a fresh version of our detailed tech write-ups that hit the high points. Here’s everything you need to know about Cobra’s Darkspeed irons and hybrids, which will be available starting Jan. 19.

It’s all about feel and distance

To help provide golfers with distance, forgiveness and feel, the engineers at Cobra refined key technologies from the Darkspeed metal wood line (like PWR-Bridge) and shrunk them down to create the new Darkspeed irons. Then, to enhance the feel of the hollow-body design, they injected foam microspheres to fill the internal cavity to finely tune the acoustics.

cobra darkspeed irons 2024 back
The Darkspeed irons feature a low-density foam to enhance feel and acoustics. Cobra Golf

This new structure allows designers to push wall thicknesses to the limit to produce better energy transfer with the result being an iron that offers 25 percent more face deflection for faster ball speeds.

“When we think about distance irons, Cobra has always been a leader in the category,” said Tom Olsavsky, VP of club R&D. “We have upped the ante with Darkspeed for out-of-this-world speed, with even better feel. This truly is one of the best feeling irons we have ever created.”

What’s inside

To help optimize ball flight and distance control through the set, Darkspeed irons offer what Cobra calls progressive TECFLO construction that transitions from a full-hollow design with PWR-Bridge and PWRSHELL in the longer 4-7-irons, to a full hollow-body with no face insert in the 8-PW. And, finally, to a half-hollow design in the gap and sand wedges.

What separates the PWR-Bridge of the woods from the irons is that the weight in the irons is suspended on a small post, which allows it to sit almost completely free floating within the hollow clubhead thanks to the supporting foam microspheres. This design allows for the precise positioning of the center of gravity for optimal launch while creating an improved face and sole that helps increase ball speed and launch.

In addition, the Darkspeed irons feature a thinner (1.6mm) and 21-percent larger PWRSHELL H.O.T. Face (Highly Optimized Topology) insert that takes ball speed to the next level. An L-Cup construction also boasts a new and improved H.O.T. Face pattern, designed using A.I., for a faster and more efficient clubface.

darkspeed irons one 2024 cobra
The Darkspeed irons come in standard and one-length options. Cobra Golf

Price and availability

The Darkspeed irons are available in variable and one-length options, with the variable-length irons coming in a 4-PW or 5-GW set (priced at $999 in steel). They’re also available in a graphite combo set in 5H, 6-GW ($1,099). The stock steel shaft option is the aftermarket KBS Tour Lite 105g shaft, and the stock graphite shaft is the KBS PGI in 85 Stiff flex, 75 Regular flex, 65 Lite flex, and 55 in Ladies flex.

There is also a women’s-specific graphite shafted combo set available ($1,099) with the set makeup of 5H, 6H, 7-PW, SW. All sets will be available for preorder starting today and will be available in stores and online Jan. 19.

Cobra Darkspeed Collection

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Rounding out the new Darkspeed line is the hybrids, and Cobra has streamlined their design down to two options: either the traditional variable-length design, or the one-length (built to 37.25 inches) to help complement the Darkspeed One-Length iron set.

cobra darkspeed hybrid 2024
The Cobra Darkspeed hybrids come in variable and one length options. Cobra

The hybrids feature all of the technology as the rest of the Darkspeed line, including PWR-Bridge weighting and PWRSHELL H.O.T. FACE insert technology for added speed and forgiveness. The classicly shaped hybrids come in loft options of 17, 19, 21, 24 and 28 degrees to help golfers build their perfect combo set. They come with KBS PGI graphite shafts.

The Darkspeed hybrids are priced at $279 each and will be available for preorder today and will be available in stores and online on Jan 19.

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