Dress like Scottie Scheffler: Your big moment could be right around the corner

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As amateurs, we may struggle to play like the pros, but that shouldn’t stop us from dressing like them. In this new GOLF.com series, we’ll highlight styles inspired by some of our favorite guys and gals on Tour every week. After all, this could be the “it” factor that will take your game to the next level.

It’s not often that we see a 59 on the PGA Tour, but Friday at the Northern Trust, we almost had two. Scottie Scheffler got it done with a clutch birdie on 18 for the historic round, and man, is he fun to watch.

He wore a classic black and white ensemble for his Friday round, which is the inspiration for this week’s post. By no means is this a bold fashion choice, and normally, it wouldn’t get any attention at all. It is, however, timeless. He’ll look back on this day years from now and never ever question his look.

I don’t think a 59 is in the cards for many of us (never say never, I guess), but don’t count out other big moments! You could very well card your first hole-in-one or win a big-time match, and you don’t want to regret your outfit choice when you look back on those memories. Follow Scottie’s lead and pair together basic colors and styles for a look that’s totally immune from future criticism.

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