The most ridiculously expensive golf bags that you (well, maybe not you) can buy


I was scrolling through Twitter this week and came across this Ryan Ballengee tweet about a $7,250 golf bag made by fine leather-goods manufacturer, Soul of Nomad. Yes — seven thousand two hundred and fifty dollars — you read that right. It turns out this made-to-order bag is hand-crafted completely out of fine Italian leather, and draws inspiration from President Kennedy and the fashion-defining First Lady, Jackie O. Does that justify the price tag?

Generally, a few hundred — maybe even $1,000 — for a bag would be considered a splurge, a treat-yourself kind of purchase. That’s something semi-reasonable that golfers totally do. However, you’d assume these luxury companies make bags like this one for a reason — people buy them!

So, I started thinking, what other luxurious, expensive golf bags exist? The options are out there, as it turns out, and they make the Kennedy Sand Golf Bag seem like a real bargain! Scroll down to see a few that are sure to blow your mind, and if you’ve got a pretty penny, these bags are really sweet.

MCM Golf Bag in Visetos

While this trendy logo-mania designer golf bag is currently out of stock, you can still get on a list to be notified of the next restock.

Vintage Louis Vuitton Brown Canvas Shoulder Golf Bag

This bag proves that vintage designer trends travel beyond handbags.

Soul of Nomad Kennedy Sand Golf Bag

President Kennedy would surely approve of this beauty.

Chiarugi Genuine Italian Leather Golf Bag

Something about this bag gives off mahogany library, fancy whisky and expensive cigar vibes. I love it.

Barchi Golf Bag

This fancy bag comes in basically every color of the rainbow. For the price of a luxury sedan, it could be yours!

Treccani Milano Black Alligator Golf Bag

This black croc bag is about as chic as they come, but also costs more than a 2021 BMW 3 Series…

Valigeria Grignola Blue Crocodile Golf Bag

This is the absolute, most expensive golf bag I could find. If you can afford it, good for you!
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Emily Haas Contributor