One thing to buy this week: the Loma Bag by Sunday Golf

Welcome to a new column, where we’ll highlight one notable item that you might consider buying. Whether it’s an article of clothing, an intriguing electronic device, a piece of equipment designed to increase golf’s enjoyment factor — or anything in between — we want to share these items with you simply because they’ve generated a bit of chatter by our water cooler (or on our Slack channel these days). So sit back, scroll down and keep up with the latest gear golf has to offer.

We’ve all been in situations where you only need a few clubs. Maybe you don’t want to lug around your whole bag, but you also don’t want to carry six clubs in your hands. Enter Sunday Golf — an up and coming brand that designed the perfect bag for the range, the local par three course or those annoying cart path only days. 

The Loma bag was designed to be easy. Unlike many Sunday bags out there, it has a dual flex stand system, so you won’t need to bend over every time you pick up your bag. It weighs in just under two pounds, which means it’s light enough to store some brews in the built in cooler pocket. Despite its small size, it has a bunch of storage pockets with waterproof zippers for golf accessories, plus a tee and velcro glove holder.

The accessible price point makes this a great options for veterans and beginners alike. It comes in cobalt blue, heather grey and matte black. Check out the link below to shop today!

Loma Bag

The Loma by Sunday Golf was designed specifically for Par 3 courses, or other situations where you only need a few clubs. It’s the perfect bag for your local pitch-n-putt, practicing at the range, or those cart path only days. Store it easily in your trunk and be on your way.

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Emily Haas Contributor